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Title: Jean Baudrillard消費社理論研究及其在博物館公民教育的意義
Authors: 林振春
Lu, Ching-Fang
Keywords: J. Baudrillard
J. Baudrillard
consumer society theory
civic education
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 科技昌明為博物館公民教育帶來極深遠的影響。媒介通過符號,表現消費社會現象。本研究文旨以J. Baudrillard消費社會理論為視角,從而對博物館公民教育呈現的意義進行探討。 本研究一開始得力於G. Deboard、R. Barthes、H. Lefebvre對消費社會符號意涵進行深入淺出的分析,從而得以就J. Baudrillard消費社會理路,作為深入探析的基礎。本研究從符號消費的意涵對博物館公民教育帶來的蘊涵進行認識:(一)進入消費社會中,博物館通過媒介渠道,造成符號增生,過往博物館對公民教育的功能產生變革,符號形構博物館公民教育何種意義?(二)符號消費,帶來公民不同的體驗,符號形構博物館公民教育何種的意義?(三)工藝品、典藏文物通過符號意指形構博物館公民教育何種意義?(四)博物館展示空間開展出美學與想像社會呈現非凡、例外的日常生活形式,通過符號形構博物館公民教育何種意義? 研究發現(一)博物館通過符號激起人們欲望,博物館公民教育透過物件,表達出有關創意累積、時尚博物館文化,經由實踐博物館功能,促使博物館展示作品與公民互動呈現意涵,而得以形構公民學習新型態,再現公民美學素養。(二)博物館試圖經由體驗教育,達到寓教於樂合一。(三)博物館以科技媒介呈現展示物,企盼對博物館角色進行定位,此舉將有益於博物館推動公民教育,並藉此推廣公民科技素養能力。(四)博物館生產脈絡,表徵出公民集體歡快感,為博物館經營及營運,帶來長足的成長,博物館商品文化時尚化與創新化,對公民誘惑及收編,以便於進入博物館傳遞的知識體系,形構社會潮流、風尚的轉向。 然而媒介呈現的內爆,展現了符號的飄盪性,鬆脫了公民教育的社會實在,此一影響,值得博物館公民教育研究,進行深入的檢視。 學者們較少從社會學領域觀點,對博物館公民教育進行深入的透析。隨著消費社會的臨來,本研究希冀能對公民教育的研究,起一點推波助瀾的效果。 關鍵字:J. Baudrillard、消費社會理論、博物館、公民教育、符號
Technology advancements have extremely far-reaching implications for the museum civic education. Through the medium of sign, they have the performance of consumer social phenomenon. Take the J. Baudrillard's consumer society theory for example, the end of this paper, we try to understand how the museum display(or exhibition)have the significance in this research. The beginning of the study thanks to G. Deboard, R. Barthes, H. Lefebvre ,They use the sign to implications for consumer society, not only analysis the simple terms, but also description the consumer society mapping. Through the J. Baudrillard consumer society principles, we have the fundamental to analysis the consumer society figuration. The study was conducted from sign meaning for museum civic education, the research spending to bring the implication : (1) When citizens enter the consumer society, museum through media channels, resulting sign hyperplasia, past the museum functional civic education to create have changed, what the sign to configuration Museum have the significance of civic education meaning? (2) The sign consumption always brings different experiences to the citizens, what the sign to configuration Museum has the significance of civic education meaning? (3) When the museum produces, collection of cultural relics, what the sign to configuration Museum has the significance of civic education meaning? (4) When we carry out the museum exhibition space and imagine society presents extraordinary aesthetics, daily life in the form of an exception, what the sign to configuration Museum have the significance of civic education meaning? This study find out that; (1) The museum objects, representation citizen aesthetic qualities. (2) The museum through experience education, to entertaining one. (3) The museum presents the exhibit technology media, hoping to locate the role of the museum, which will benefit the museum to promote civic education, including the citizen science and technology literacy skills. (4) Representation museum production context, showing the civic collective pleasure for museum management and operations, it bringing museums fashion and innovation culture, and temptation to citizens incorporated in order to enter the knowledge system, the museum formation the social trends and the fashion steering. However; implosion of the media rendering, showing the sign of the drift, releasing of the civic education of social reality, such an impact, must to depth research. In the field of sociology, few issue of point of view from the sociological consumption, the scholars less discussion about the civic education for the museum depth dialysis. We hope that have fruitful research in the consumer society. Keywords: J. Baudrillard, consumer society theory, museums, civic education,sign.
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