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Title: 臺北市國中童軍團長聯團露營風險管理之研究
A Study on Camporee's Risk Management of Scoutmasters in Junior High Schools at Taipei City
Authors: 蔡居澤
Tsai, Ju-Tse
Tsai, Hsin-Min
Keywords: 童軍團長
Risk Management
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract:  本研究旨在探討臺北市國中童軍團長在聯團露營之風險管理,了解國中童軍團長的風險管理流程,在風險確認、風險評估、策略選擇、策略執行、結果回饋等五個階段的運作方式,並提出具體建議,以供教師個人、學校、政府等相關單位參考。以質性研究方式,採立意取樣的半結構訪談法蒐集資料,從中選取有參與中級考驗訓練聯團露營的七位國中正式教師並兼任童軍團之團長。   本研究針對童軍團長在聯團露營風險管理現況上,歸納出童軍團長會運用自身知識、經驗及蒐集之資料提出可能的潛在風險,並透過討論評估其風險對於營隊的影響,在取得共識後執行其策略,於露營結束後召開檢討會,針對活動內容進行檢討,並轉化為個人經驗的累積。雖然童軍團長在聯團露營風險管理之五步驟上皆有執行,然而,本研究亦從童軍團長在聯團露營風險管理過程中分析歸納出其問題與困境,包含籌備時間有限,風險確認不夠完備與周全;風險易受知覺風險影響,知覺風險高低取決於個人經驗;活動變化性高,卻未針對風險逐一探討;在風險管理的結果回饋較薄弱,缺乏對策略的檢討與修正;缺乏風險概念,無法有系統的進行風險管理。   最後,本研究依據其結論,分別對教育主管機關、國中童軍團長及後續研究提出建議,做為未來國中童軍團長在風險管理發展之參考。
  This study was aimed to investigate camporee's risk management of scoutmasters in junior high schools at Taipei City, to understand the processes on risk management of scoutmasters in junior high schools. The five steps of risk management is risk identification, risk measurement, selection of risk management strategies, risk management implementation, and evaluation and feedback. This research was made recommendations for teachers, schools, and the government. Subjects were 7 formal teachers, the scoutmasters in junior high schools, and methods were qualitative research, purposive sampling of semi-structured interviews.   Based on findings of this study, the scoutmasters would use their own information, and experience to propose possible risk, and discuss the impact on the risk. Then they made consensus, executing, camping, review meeting, and converted to personal experience. Although scoutmasters had execution the five stepson camporee's risk management, however, the study also analyzed the problems and difficulties. Including limited preparing time, uncompleting risk identification, risk perception influenced by personal experience, variable activity, weak feedback, lack of strategy collection, and unsystematic risk management.   The study concluded thus for education authorities, scoutmasters and future researchers, and for the development of camporee’s risk management.
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