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Title: 中學服務學習方案融入綜合活動領域課程學習成效之研究
The Research on Effectiveness of Service-Learning Project into Junior High School Integrated Activities Courses
Authors: 鄧毓浩
Teng, Yuh-Haw
Chen, Chieh-Yi
Keywords: 服務學習
Service learning
Learning effect
Integrative activities
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究目的在於了解「中學服務學習方案融入國中綜合活動領域課程」對國中八年級學生服務學習的學習成效之研究。美國中學服務學習已行之有年,蔚為學校教育趨勢指標,學校針對不同年級設計適合且多元的課程,並與所居住之社區結合,達到服務與學習名實相符之效。因此,藉由參考美國中學服務學習課程的內涵與實施方案,對其現況與推動模式作探討。透過研究收集相關資料,設計出適合國中八年級之服務學習課程,以提升學生服務學習之學習成效。 本研究由任教學校之八年級班級中選出四個班級,兩個班級為實驗組,兩另兩個班級為對照組,學生人數皆為男生17人,女生18人。實驗組學生施行六周「中學服務學習方案融入國中綜合活動領域課程」,對照組學生則進行學校原課程計畫中設計之服務學習課程。於課程前進行前測,結束時施行後測,以了解學生對服務學習學習成效之轉變。最後,將教學成果量化分析,並觀察各週教學狀況,透過反思與回饋,提出具體而更有效的服務學習方式融入課程之中。
The aim of research is to understand the effectiveness of service-learning project into junior high school integrated activities courses. Service learning has been years in United States, which become a trend of school education. School provide suitable and diverse curriculum for different grades students, and in conjunction with the community of residence in order to reach service learning efficiency. Therefore, to evaluate the effectiveness of the impact on the eighth-grade students in service learning attitude implemented. Escape original curriculum framework, with reference to the US high school service-learning course content and implementation of the results, as the current situation and discuss its push mode. Through research to collect relevant information, to design service-learning courses for eighth grade, to increase the awareness of student service learning. In this study, 8th grade students were be elected from four differents classes, two classes as the experimental group, two other two classes as the control group. The experimental group students will have six weeks program of service-learning project, and the control group will have the school curriculum plan course. Finally, the results of quantitative analysis of teaching, teaching status and observe each week, through reflection and feedback, and make concrete more effective service learning into the curriculum.
Other Identifiers: G060007006E
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