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Title: 桃園市國中學生公民參與態度調查研究
A survey on the attitude toward citizen participation of junior high school students in Taoyuan City
Authors: 劉秀嫚
Liou, Show-Mann
Hu, Chieh-Yang
Keywords: 桃園市
Taoyuan City
junior high school students
attitude toward citizen participation
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究目的在於瞭解桃園市國中學生公民參與態度及其影響因素。為了達到上述研究目的,研究者參考政治社會化理論和ICCS 2009的研究架構進行研究設計與問卷編製,藉以探討學生前因背景變項及學生學習歷程變項與桃園市國中學生公民參與態度之關係。本研究採用描述統計、單一樣本t考驗、獨立樣本t考驗、單因子變異數分析及皮爾森積差相關等方式進行資料分析。茲說明研究結果如下: 一、桃園市國中學生公民參與態度顯著高於理論平均值,顯示學生的公民參與態度傾向積極且正面。 二、在學生前因背景變項中,年級、父母親或主要照顧者的教育程度、學校規模和學校類型等因素與桃園市國中學生的公民參與態度均有顯著的差異;性別和家庭類型與桃園市國中學生的公民參與態度則沒有有顯著的差異。 三、在學生學習歷程變項中,除了「學生透過媒體進行娛樂的情形」之外,學生的家庭環境、同儕團體、傳播媒體、學校教學與管理與社會重大事件關注程度等因素與桃園市國中學生的公民參與態度均有達到顯著的正相關。
The purpose of this study was to advance the understanding of the attidude toward citizen participation and its related factors among junior high school students in Taoyuan City. Theory of Political Socialization and the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) was used as a reference for developing the research framework and the questionnaire. The relationships among antecedent variables and process variables as well as the students’ attitude to citizen participation were examined. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, one-sample t-test, independent-sample t-test, one-way ANOVA, and Pearson’s productive-moment correlation coefficient. The major findings are listed as followings: I.The junior high school students’ attitudes toward citizen participation in Taoyuan City are significantly higher than theoretical average, and it shows that the students’ attitudes were positive and enthusiastic. II.In terms of the antecedent variables, the factors “grade”, “education level of parents or primary caregivers”, “school size” and “school type”, show significant difference in junior high school students’ attitude toward citizen participation; There is no significant difference in “gender” and “family type” in junior high school students’ attitude toward citizen participation in Taoyuan City. III.In terms of the process variables, except for "use of electronic entertainment devices", "family enviornment", "peer groups", "the media", "school teaching and management" and "concern of social events", the remaining variables are all significantly positive correlated with junior high school students' attitude toward citizen participation in Taoyuan City.
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