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Title: 高中公民教育對學生政治效能感與公民參與之影響-一項定群追蹤的研究
The Influence of High School Civics Education on Students' Political Efficacy and Public Participation: A Panel Study
Authors: 黃信豪
Huang, Hsin-Hao
Ho, Man-Ning
Keywords: 定群追蹤研究
panel study
high school civics education
political efficacy
civic participation.
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 臺灣社會自解嚴以來,政治逐漸邁向民主化,社會運動發生的頻率及規模不斷擴大,訴求越來越多元,主要參與者的年齡層也越來越低。而依據學習理論,教育程度是除了家庭背景之外,影響個人政治社會化的重要原因。高中學生作為準公民的代表,若能藉由公民教育提升其政治效能感及公民參與,則有助於維持我國民主制度的運作與穩定。因此,本研究藉由定群追蹤的研究方法,試圖探討提升學生政治效能感(political efficacy)及公民參與(public participation)的原因,是否與現行的高中公民教育有關。 研究顯示,學生修習完高中公民教育後,會降低其內在學校效能感、內在政治效能感及外在政治效能感;但會提升其公民參與的意願以及行動。且對公民教育課程滿意度越高的學生,其政治效能感及公民參與程度也越高。同時,高中公民教育對學生政治效能感及公民參與的影響,並沒有學校因素差異。由此可知,高中公民教育能提升學生的公民參與,並且可以避免學校之間的差異持續擴大。 關鍵字:定群追蹤研究、高中公民教育、政治效能感、公民參與
Since Taiwan’s martial law was lifted in Taiwan, its politics has gradually moved toward democracy; the frequency and the number of social movements have been increasing; the appeals have become more diverse; the age group of major participants is getting lower and lower. According to the learning theory, in addition to family background, educational level is an important reason that affects political socialization of individuals. High school students, as representatives of precitizens, can sustain the operation and stability of our democratic system if we can enhance their political efficiency and civic participation through civic education. Therefore, this study, through the method of panel study, attempts to explore whether the reasons for improving students' political efficacy and public participation are related to the current high school civic education. Studies have indicated that students who have completed high school civic education will reduce their internal school efficacy, internal political efficacy, and external political efficacy; however, they will enhance their willingness to participate and take action. The higher the satisfaction of the civic education curriculum, the higher the political efficiency and civic participation. Meanwhile, the impact of high school civics education on students' political efficacy and civic participation is the same among different schools. It can be seen that high school civic education can enhance the civic participation of students, and can avoid the differences between schools continue to expand. Key Words: panel study, high school civics education, political efficacy, civic participation.
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