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Title: 實施全球議題教學單元之行動研究-以新北市一所國中為例
Action Research on Implementing Global Issues Teaching Units - Taking a junior high school in New Taipei City for Example
Authors: 王錦雀
Wang, Chin-Chueh
Chiang, Pei-Chen
Keywords: 全球議題
Global issues
Action research
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討教師在設計適合國中學生實行「全球議題」之教學單元之發展歷程與實施成效。其課程設計內涵以「全球議題」為主軸,研究者設計三個面向之課程,包含「全球關聯的察覺」、「全球議題的探究」與「全球議題的關注行動」,期望學生於教學單元的實施後,能提升對全球議題的關心與能動性。在學生經歷完整的學習歷程後,研究者進一步分析國中生在認知、情意、行動方面的改變情況,並記錄研究者在教學單元實施過程的反思與專業成長。   本研究採行動研究取徑,以研究者任教之公立國中二十九位八年級學生為研究參與者,並與研究同儕進行課程反思與修正。在課程實施過程中,歷經多次修正與調整,且經研究者不斷反思,打破個人限制與傳統教師講授為主體的教學模式,將學習主體還給學生,進而激盪出師生間互動的火花。本研究以研究者自編教材、課堂觀察記錄、同儕教師訪談紀錄、文件資料、教學省思札記、學生聯絡簿札記與回饋表等方法,蒐集資料並進行分析與檢核。   根據資料的蒐集與分析,本研究發現如下: 一、 本研究採用動態的教學設計歷程,與實施多元化的教學策略後,發展出適合國中生實施的全球議題教學單元。 二、 透過實施全球議題教學單元後,達成啟發學生對全球議題的關心與提升全球議題能動性之動機。 三、 透過行動研究的歷程中,與研究同儕的對話與設計活化教學單元,使研究者增進自我專業知能。   最後,根據上述研究發現,研究者針對本課程教學單元的設計與實施及後續研究等,也提出若干具體的建議。
  The purpose of the research is to study the development process and implementation effectiveness when teacher designs teaching unit of “global issue” specifically for junior high school students. The course curriculum designs include “global issue” as the core principle. The researcher designs the curriculum in three aspects, containing “the awareness of global linkage”, “the inquiry of global issue”, and “care action of global issue.” Expecting students can increase their concern and actions toward global issue after the implementation of the teaching units. The researcher further analyzed the altering situation of junior high school students in recognition, affection, and action after they experience the complete learning process. Meanwhile recording researcher’s reassessment and professional growth during the teaching units are implemented.   This research takes action research approach, utilizing 29 grade eighth students from the researcher’s employed public junior high school as participants and research peers undertaking curriculum reassessment also corrections in this research. There are multiple corrections and adjustments going through the curriculum implementation. Via researcher’s continuous reassessment, break up individual and traditional teacher giving lectures teaching mode as the main part. Giving the learning main part back to the students, further generated interactive sparkles between students and the teacher. This research is based on researcher’s self-designed teaching materials, class observation records, peer-teacher visiting record, documentations, teaching reflection notes, student contact book, feedback forms, and other methods to collect information and conducting analysis and examinations. According to the collection and analysis of the information, this research has discover the following: 1. After this research adopts dynamical teaching designs and implement diversified teaching strategies, developing a perfect match of implementing global issue teaching units for junior high school students. 2. Inspiring students’ concern and improved concern and raise the incentive on global issue through implementing global issue teaching units. 3. Through the dynamic research process and peers dialog and design activated teaching units, making the researcher improves slowly on self-professional knowledge. Lastly, based on the above mentioned research discoveries, the researcher will propose several solid suggestions, aiming at this curriculum teaching units’ design and implementation as well as later researches.
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