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Title: 綜合活動學習領域教師對食品安全之認知、風險感知與行為的研究----以臺南市國中為例
Teachers’ Cognition, Risk Perception and Behavior of Food Safety in Integrative Activity Learning Field – Junior High School Teachers at Tainan as Exemplar
Authors: 王錦雀
Wang, Chin-Chueh
Lan, Jie-Yu
Keywords: 食品安全
food safety
food safety cognition
food safety risk perception
food safety behavior
integrative activity learning field
junior high school teachers
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究之研究目的為了解臺南市國中綜合領域教師食品安全認知、食品安全風險感知與食品安全行為三方面現況,探討不同背景變項之該領域教師在此三者之差異,分析教師在此三者間之差異,並探究教師在此三者之間的相關。 本研究以106學年度任教臺南市公立國中之綜合領域專兼任教師為母群體,採問卷調查研究法,以分層叢集隨機取樣方式,得到125份有效樣本。使用SPSS軟體進行描述統計、t檢定、單因子變異數分析、相關性分析,得到以下結論: 一、臺南市國中綜合領域教師的食品安全認知程度屬於中上至優良。 二、臺南市國中綜合領域教師的食品安全風險感知程度屬於擔憂到非常擔憂,其中最擔心的是黑心食品議題,其次塑膠微粒汙染。 三、臺南市國中綜合領域教師的食品安全行為屬於中上程度,其中以病菌毒素得分最高,農藥殘留得分最低。 四、不同性別的臺南市國中綜合領域教師在食品安全認知的表現呈現顯著差異,女性教師優於男性。 五、教學年資二十年以上之綜合領域教師,在食品安全風險感知部分,顯著比年資五至十年者較為擔心。 六、教家政科的綜合領域教師,在食品安全風險感知部份,顯著優於教童軍科者。 七、臺南市國中綜合領域教師在食品安全風險感知與食品安全行為達顯著相關。 根據本研究結果,對中央主管教育機構、現場教師、相關之媒體與食品管理機關及未來研究者提出具體建議。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the current situation of food safety cognition, food safety risk perception and food safety behavior of teachers in the Integrative Activity Learning Field of Tainan City, and to explore the differences of the three dimensions of food safety among teachers in the field of different background variables. Besides, to analyze the differences of teachers between the three, and to understand the teacher's correlation between them. The population of the study was the full-time and part-time teachers of Integrative Activity Learning Field in public junior high schools in Tainan in 106 academic years. The questionnaire survey method was used to obtain 125 valid samples by stratified cluster random sampling. Using SPSS software for descriptive statistics, Independen t-test, One-way ANOVA, and correlation research, the results of the above study were synthesized as follows: 1. The cognition of food safety among junior high school teachers in Integrative Activity in Tainan was medium to high. 2. The risk perception of food safety among junior high school teachers in Integrative Activity in Tainan was pretty high, and they worried about the issue of Tainted Food the most, followed by Plastic Microbeads. 3. The food safety behavior of the teachers was in the upper-middle degree, with the highest score of the issue of Germs&Toxins Contamination and the lowest score of Pesticide Residue. 4. The result of the teachers of different gender showed significant differences in the performance of food safety cognition, and female teachers were better than men. 5. Teachers who had been teaching for more than 20 years were more worried about the food safety risk perception than those who had been teaching for five to ten . 6. Teachers who taught in the subject of Home Economics were significantly better than those who taughtScout Activity in the performance of food safety risk perception. 7. The “food safety risk perception” dimension and “food safety behavior”dimension had significant correlation.
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