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dc.contributorWang, Chin-Chuehen_US
dc.contributor.authorYu, Pi-Chiaoen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在調查國民中學童軍團學生的公民態度和公民參與現況,探討不同背景變項的國中童軍團學生在公民態度和公民參與之差異情形,並瞭解其公民態度和公民參與間的相關性。 本研究以完成103年中華民國童軍總會及中華民國女童軍會三項登記,且實際參與國民中學童軍團相關事務之臺北市、臺中市和高雄市童軍團團員為研究對象,採問卷調查法,共得759份有效樣本。運用SPSS(19.0)套裝軟體進行t考驗、單因子變異數分析、皮爾遜積差相關等統計方法分析所得資料,獲得以下結論: 一、國中童軍團學生在公民態度各層面,展現良好的態度。 二、國中童軍團學生的公民參與程度屬於中等。 三、具不同背景變項之國中童軍團學生其公民態度所呈現的差異情形 (一)在公民態度量表各層面,有擔任社團負責人的童軍團學生顯著優於從未擔任 的童軍團學生。 (二)在公民態度量表整體、「政治意識的態度」層面,參加童軍資歷為3年以上的童軍團學生表現優於1年以上~未滿2年的童軍團學生。 (三)在公民態度量表之「尊重差異的態度」層面,女生所呈現的態度優於男生,七年級童軍團學生表現最差。 四、具不同背景變項之國中童軍團學生其公民參與所呈現的差異情形 (一)在公民參與量表各層面,高雄市國中童軍團學生的參與程度皆優於臺北市國中童軍團學生,參加童軍資歷為3年以上的童軍團學生所表現的參與呈程度皆為最高,而從未擔任幹部的學生表現皆為最差。 (二)在公民參與量表之「學校活動的參與」、「社會活動的參與」層面,每週平均參與時間為5小時以上的國中童軍團學生所呈現的公民參與程度最高。 五、國中童軍團學生的公民態度和公民參與呈正相關。 本研究根據研究結果,對童軍會、童軍團團長及後續的研究者提出具體建議。 關鍵詞:國中童軍團學生、公民態度、公民參與zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to investigate the current citizen attitude and citizen participation of scout troops in junior high school, and to compare the differences of students’ citizen attitude and citizen participation with various demographics, and also to analyze the correlation between the students’ citizen attitude and citizen participation. The sample of this study was consisted of 759 valid questionnaires from scout troop students in junior high schools in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. The data was analyzed with independent t test, one-way ANOVA and Pearson product-moment correlation in SPSS 19.0. The empirical results are as follows: I. The scout troop students’ citizen attitude is good. II. The scout troop students’ citizen participation is medium. III. The differences of students’ citizen attitude with different demographics: i. Scouts as president perform better than regular members in the citizen attitude scale. ii. Scouts, with experience in scout troop for more than 3 years perform better than those for 1-2 years in the citizen attitude scale and Political Awareness construct. iii. Females perform better than males, and seventh grade is the lowest in the Diversity Attitudes construct. IV. The differences of students’ citizen participation with various demographics: i. In the citizen participation scale, junior-high scout troop in Kaohsiung performs better than that in Taipei, and those with experience in scout troop for more than 3 years are the best, and the regular members who have never acted as president and vice president are the worst. ii. Scouts, with average participation time in the scout for more than 5 hours are the best in the School Participation construct and the Social Participation construct. V. Scout troop students’ citizen attitude and citizen participation are positively correlated. According to the results of this study, the researcher makes some suggestions for The General Association of the Scouts of China, Girl Scouts of Taiwan, scoutmasters and research in the future. Keywords: scout troops in junior high school, citizen attitude, citizen participationen_US
dc.subjectscout troops in junior high schoolen_US
dc.subjectcitizen attitudeen_US
dc.subjectcitizen participationen_US
dc.titleThe Study on Citizen Attitude and Citizen Participation of Scout Troops in Junior High Schoolen_US
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