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Title: 「媒體近用」教學方案實施之行動研究:新店高中個案
An Action Research on the Implementation of "Access to Media" Project: A Case Study of Hsin Tien Senior High School
Authors: 王錦雀
Wang, Chin-Chueh
Chang, Yu-Tsang
Keywords: 媒體近用
access to media
media literacy
action research
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 「媒體近用」屬於媒體識讀的一環,代表媒體識讀中的積極面向,為現代媒體社會下的重要公民資質。特別在網路與行動裝置盛行下,公民「媒體近用」的可能性大幅增加,「媒體近用」已是公民教育不可忽視之範疇。基於此,本研究以行動研究取向,探討新店高中「媒體近用」教學方案的設計、實施與修正的歷程,探討學生在參與「媒體近用」教學方案實施的歷程與改變,以及探究研究者實施「媒體近用」教學方案後的專業成長與反思。 本研究以新店高中二年級跑班選修課為教學方案的實施場域,並以該班學生為主要的研究參者。此外,當有兩位協同研究者參與教學方案設計與修正過程。本研究透過教室觀察、訪談、以及課堂文件的分析,包括「教師教學札記」、「學生學習單」、「學生回饋單」、「學生作品」等,以了解整個教學方案的設計、實施及修正歷程。 本行動研究於103年暑期完成「媒體近用」教學方案,並透過協同研究者的建議修正後,於103上學期實施教學方案,並在實施過程中不斷修正。學生在參與過程中,經歷了思考討論、共同學習及扮演傳播者的學習歷程,並在參與教學方案後產生對於媒體看法的改變、認識到網路倫理的重要性、以及意識到個人擁有媒體近用權,並且相信個人可以透過媒體參與公共。教師也在過程中透過不斷地反思與行動,獲得專業上的成長。最後,本研究也針對教學方案的設計與實施,以及未來研究做出建議。
"Access to Media" is an issue of media literacy, it is not only a positive approach of media literacy, but also important citizenship in the contemporary society. Due to the prevalent in Internet and mobile devices, the possibility of the accessing media of citizens has substantial increase. "Access to Media" becomes an important issue of citizenship education that can not be ignored. According to the aforemetioned, this action research explored the process of design, implementation and revision of "Access to media" teaching project in Hisn Tien Senior High School, investigated the students’ participation and change, and recorded the reflection and the growth of the researcher. "Access to media" teaching project implemented in the optional courses of the second year of Hsin Tien Senior High School. In addition to students, two co-researchers also participated in this teaching project. This study analyzed the process of design, implementation and revision of "Access to media" teaching project through classroom observations, interviews, and in-class documents. This study completed "Access to media" teaching project in 2014 summer. After correction, teaching project was implemented from September to December of 2014, and constantly revised in the implementation process. In the process of participation in teaching project, students through the learning process of thinking, discussion, role playing. After the participation in the teaching project, students’ perception of the media has changed, so that students recognized the importance of network ethics, realized that individuals have the right to access to media, and believed individuals can participate in the public through media. The researcher gain growth through continuous process of reflection and action. Finally, the study made recommendations for the design and implementation of teaching project, and for the further research.
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