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Title: 大學生政治容忍度之調查研究-以國立臺灣師範大學為例
Authors: 董秀蘭
Keywords: 一般原則政治容忍度
political tolerance
political tleration
civic tolerance
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究以國立台灣師範大學大學部學生為對象,進行政治容忍度之相關研究,採用問卷調查法蒐集資料,以編製的「大學生政治容忍度之調查問卷」瞭解大學生的政治容忍度,分析個人背景因素、家庭背景因素,以及課程學習因素對政治容忍度的影響。並探討一般原則政治容忍度與特殊情境政治容忍度之相關情形。 研究結果有以下的發現: 一、本研究所列的八項個人背景因素中,在政治容忍度上,有顯著的差異者為「性別」、「投票經驗」、「年級」、「學院」、「有無參與社團活動」;而「政黨傾向」、「參與不同類型的社團活動」、「有無擔任社團幹部」等三項個人背景因素,則均無差異。 二、本研究所列的「父母親所屬族群的異同」、「與父親的親疏程度」、「與母親的親疏程度」、「家中主要的決策者」等四項家庭背景因素,在政治容忍度均無顯著差異。 三、本研究所列的「休習或旁聽的課程總數」、「老師與學生討論政治公共事務的程度」、「老師鼓勵學生參與討論的程度」、「學生自己參與課堂討論的程度」等四項課程學習因素,在政治容忍度均有顯著差異。 四、在十五項背景因素中,除了投票經驗、年級、有無擔任社團幹部、父母親所屬族群的異同、休習或旁聽的課程總數、老師鼓勵學生參與討論的程度等六項背景因素,分別針對四項目標團體以及特殊情境的政治容忍度具有預測例外,其餘各項對政治容忍度均不具有預測力。 五、大學生「一般原則政治容忍度」與「特殊情境政治容忍度」有顯著的正相關。
Abstract This study employed survey to investigate prospective teacher's attitudes towards political tolerance. 524 students at National Taiwan Normal University were randomly seleted to complete a questionnire composed of two major parts: general attitudes towards political tolerance, and applied attitudes towards political tolerance. This study drew the following conclusiions: 1.Among the eight factors of personal background, "gender", "voting experience", "grade", "college", and "participating in club or not" contributed significantly to prospective teachers' political tolerance attitudes. However, "political party orientation", "participating in different clubs", and "being club leader or not " did not make distinguished differences on political tolerance attituedes. 2.All of the four family factors had no significant contribution to the divergent attitudes towards political tolerance possessed by prospective teachers. 3.All of the four learning experience factors contributed significantly to prospective teachers' different attitudes towards political tolerance. 4.The following factors contributed significantly for predicting prospective teachers' attitudes towards political tolerance: voting experience, grade, being club leader, parents' ethnic group, number of political course taking, and class discussion experience. 5.There was a significantly positive correlation between general attitudes and applied attitudes towards political tolerance.
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