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Title: 離島學生參與戶外教育活動對自我概念影響之研究—以澎湖縣某國中為例
The Effects of the Participation in Outdoor Activities on Self-concept for Students on Remote Islands—A Case Study of a Junior High School in Penghu
Authors: 蔡居澤
Tsai, Ju-Tse
Lin, Li-Chun
Keywords: 自我概念
outdoor activities
students on remote islands
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討離島學生參與戶外教育活動對自我概念之影響。研究對象為澎湖某離島國中全程參與本研究之戶外教育活動的學生。為達此一目的,本研究採用問卷調查法,並根據量表的結果,進行深入訪談,歸納本研究結論如下: 一、參與「游泳與獨木舟戶外教育活動」,對學生在自我概念的「生理自我」、「學業自我」、「能力自我」的分數有所提升。 二、參與「海洋體驗營戶外教育活動」,對學生在自我概念的「生理自我」、「學業自我」、「學校自我」的分數有所提升。 三、學生在參與戶外教育活動的過程中,能學會觀察、思考,並從活動中得到自信、成就感及嘗試新事物的勇氣。 四、學生在參與戶外教育活動的過程中,同儕之間的團隊互助以及師長教練的耐心引導,有助於提高學生參與活動的動機與意願。 五、在參與戶外教育活動的過程中,安全感的營造以及活動氣氛的掌握,有助於降低學生參與活動的焦慮感。 關鍵字:自我概念、戶外教育活動、離島學生
The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of the participation in outdoor activities on self-concept for students on remote islands. The subjects were the students in one of the islands in Penghu who fully participated in the outdoor activities. To achieve the objective mentioned above, questionnaire survey was adopted. According to the data, in-depth interview was conducted. The major findings were summarized as follows: 1. “Swimming and canoe activities” improved “physical self-concept,” “academic self-concept,” and “capacity self-concept.” 2. “Marine experience camping activities” improved “physical self-concept,” “academic self-concept,” and “school self-concept.” 3. In the process of participating in outdoor activities, students learned to observe, think, and gain confidence, sense of accomplishment and courage to try new things. 4. In the process of participating in outdoor activities, teamwork among students and the guide from coaches and teachers helped improve the motivation and willingness to participate in the activities. 5. In the process of participating in outdoor activities, building up a sense of security and livening up the atmosphere helped reduce the anxiety. Key words: self-concept, outdoor activities, students on remote islands
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