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dc.description.abstract本研究主要探討宜蘭縣教育人員對於兒童性侵害的防治知識、態度、行為的現況及相關影響因素,以提供未來教育介入與政策執行之參考。研究工具乃採用陳青蕙(民89)發展的研究問卷進行預試,研究者依預試結果修改之後,發展成「國小教育人員對於兒童性侵害防治知識、態度、行為之調查研究」問卷,再以九十一學年度任職宜蘭縣國民小學的校長、主任及導師、學校護理人員為對象,進行施測。發出問卷482份,得有效樣本數共462份。所得資料以百分比、平均值、t檢定、單因子變異數分析、皮爾遜積差相關等統計方式進行分析。本研究獲致的結論如下: 1. 教育人員對於防治知識題項中,兒童性侵害相關法規與措施的認識不足。 2. 學校服務年資較久、年齡稍長的研究對象對於兒童性侵害防治知識的瞭解比學校服務年資少的年輕研究對象有較佳的傾向。 3. 教育人員對於兒童性侵害防治態度持正向態度,其中對於兒童身體自主權及兩性平等教育有較高的肯定支持度。 4.對於性侵害初犯的加害者多數教育人員肯定心理治療重要性;對於累犯的加害者,認為處以嚴厲的懲罰比接受心理治療重要。 5.只有一成左右的教育人員有通報過(疑似)性侵害案件經驗;六成左右最近五年內參加過預防兒童性侵害之研習課程或活動,但研習時間以「一天以下」的課程或活動為最多。 根據研究結果,在教育介入方面,建議在師資培訓課程及教育人員訓練時,應提供兒童性侵害防治相關課程,初階的課程內容需加強兒童性侵害防治相關法規與措施的認識;進階課程可藉由「個案研討會」、「主題工作坊」提供教育人員對兒童性侵害防治深一層的認識與澄清,並且考慮不同職稱有不同的教育需求,善用教育傳播媒介傳遞正確資訊;在通報部分,應根據法律規定,儘速通報。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis study aimed mainly to explore the level of knowledge,Attitudes. and behaviors and their related factors about child sexual abuse among personnel in elementary school of I-Lan. It was expected that the findings of this study would provide references of educational intervention and policy making. I had conducted a preliminary study based on a questionnaire drafted by Huei Chin Chen in year of 1990. Furthermore, I modified the questionnaire from the result of the preliminary study mentioned above and then invited 482 people from I-Lan County Elementary school principals, super-intendants, teachers,and school nurses to conduct the secondary study. And I got 462 valid sample. The data analysis included percentage, mean,t-test, one-way ANOVA and Pearson product-moment correlation. And my conclusion are as follows: 1. School personnel lack of proper knowledge or possess less knowledge of related laws and programs about child sexual abuse. 2. Senior school personnel with more working years at schools seem to understand more and better about child sexual abuse than younger school personnel. 3. School personnel firmly support the prevention of child sexual abuse, Child own autonomy ,and gender equality. 4. Most of school personnel thought that imposing mental treatment (psychotherapy) to the first-time offenders was necessary. Whereas repeated child sexual offenders were needed to be imposed severed punishment than imposing psychotherapy. 5. There were only 10% of reported cases from school personnel, whereas 60% of school personnel participated some sort of the prevention of child sexual abuse programs or activities.However, this kind of programs or activities were only limited to one day course. According to the result of secondary questionnaire, we suggested to develop courses related to education intervention on prevention -related child sexual abuse for teacher-training programs or for new school personnel. Basic course should emphasize related laws and programs about child sexual abuse. Advanced by school personnel course can be understood deeply through case study and workshop. Certainly, it’s extremely important to emphasize on child sexual abuse laws and programs and mandatory reports of such offense. Nevertheless, educating accurate information of such matter through schools is substantial.en_US
dc.subjectSchool personnelen_US
dc.subjectChild sexual abuseen_US
dc.subjectThe knowledge regarding child sexual abuseen_US
dc.subjectThe attitudes regarding child sexual abuseen_US
dc.subjectThe behaviors regarding child sexual abuse.en_US
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