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Title: 海洛因成癮者角色-病人?犯人?
The Identity of Heroin Users Is A Patient or A Prisoner?
Authors: 李思賢
Tony Szu-Hsien Lee
Keywords: 毒品危害防治條例
Narcotics Act (ANA)
Telephone Survey
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解臺灣地區民眾對於藥物使用者之認知與藥癮處遇現況之看法。本文採用「新興毒品減害措施」之民調資料進行二級資料分析。分析資料包含以下:使用藥物產生的主要傷害、是否贊成藥物合法使用、藥癮戒治費用由何者給付等。對象以2010年臺灣中華電信家用電話為母群體,需年滿20歲,進行配額隨機抽樣。 民調共計撥通5,877通,扣除沒有空、未滿20歲與拒絕回答者,有1,069位成功受訪,受訪率為63.1%。分析結果,談論到「藥物(毒品)」時,民眾直接聯想到的是安非他命(31%)、海洛因(20%)與大麻(11%)。民眾認為使用藥物(毒品)的主要傷害前三項為導致精神疾病(28%)、身體器官敗壞(25%)與上癮(9%)。受訪民眾對於成人使用大麻、安非他命與海洛因的態度有96%、99%與99%表示不贊成。對於藥物成癮治療費用之態度,結果有68%認為要由藥物施用者給付費用,其次為政府與施用者共同給付(17.4%),最後才是完全由公家給付(14.6%)。 本研究發現民眾對於使用藥物(毒品)的主要聯想物質為大麻、安非他命與海洛因;使用相關傷害為生理與精神疾病。本論文研究結果可以提供政策擬定與針對民眾實施衛生教育時的參考。
Aim: To study the Taiwan Citizens` Cognitions and Attitudes towards Drug Use. Methods: To better understand the role of public opinion in drug policy, we used the web-based telephone program to select random household numbers based on the 2010 Taiwan Chunghwa telephone databank to investigate public opinions and attitudes towards drug use. The household survey were carried out on citizens 20 years or older. Results: This telephone survey took about ten days and the success rate of completing the survey questionnaire was 18.2%.The results show that Taiwan people think the main harms associated with drug use are physical harms(28%), body organ damage(25%) and addiction(9%). The first 3 drugs that participants named were amphetamine (31%), heroin (20%) and marijuana (11%). And the public poll result to show that Taiwan citizens’ attitude about the charges of drug addiction treatment and ever heard the harm-reduction program. About 68% Taiwan citizens’ think the drug user should pay the treatment charges by themselves. And the next was part of benefits(17.4%),and finally by the public benefits (14.6%).Most participants disagreed that adults should be allowed to use heroin, amphetamine, MDMA, ketamine and marijuana. About 85% never heard of harm reduction programs. About 96% knew that sharing needles can transmit HIV. On the other hand, Taiwan citizens’ age and educational to understand of AIDS risk factor were significant relationship .The result showed that the education and age were important impact on the HIV knowledge. Discussion: This study found that people for drug use (drugs) to associate substances as marijuana, amphetamines, and heroin. Produce the related injuries for the physical and mental illness. The results of this thesis can provide recommendation for the policy formulation and implementation of health education .
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