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Title: 運用計劃行為理論探討金融業員工身體活動與相關因素研究
A study on physical activity of the employees infinancial industry with the Theory of Planned Behavior
Authors: 黃淑貞
Sheu-Jen Huang
Yun-Sheng Wu
Keywords: 計劃行為理論
Theory of Planned Behavior
physical activity
financial employees
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究主要在運用計劃行為理論探討雙北市金融業員工身體活動及其影響因素。   本研究分層隨機抽樣643位金融業員工,實際回收533份,回收率為83%。以問卷方式收集金融業員工計劃行為理論變項、身體活動量和個人背景等資料。   資料分析採描述性統計、卡方檢定、變異數分析、二系列相關、皮爾森積差相關、複迴歸及邏輯式迴歸。   結果發現:身體活動量足夠者為57.8%。知覺行為控制因素能顯著預測身體活動意圖;自覺健康狀況與身體活動意圖能顯著預測是否有規律身體活動;身體活動意圖能顯著預測工作和家務身體活動量、娛樂、運動和休閒活動量以及身體活動總量。再以路徑分析探討各變項的關係發現,知覺行為控制直接影響身體活動意圖,間接影響身體活動。   研究者建議增加金融業員工的控制信念與知覺力,排除身體活動障礙因素,增加運動自我效能,培養規律運動習慣,企業並應規劃合適的健康促進計畫,以促進金融業員工健康。
  The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of the relative factors of the Theory of Planned Behavior on physical activities among employees of financial industries in Taipei city and New Taipei city.   A total of 643 financial employees were selected by using a stratified random sampling method. The response rate was 83%. The information about Theory of Planned Behavior variables, physical activity, and personal background were collected with a self-administered questionnaire.   Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics, chi-square test, analysis of variance, correlation, multiple regression, and logistic regression. The results showed that 57.8% of the financial employees being physically active. Perceived behavioral control variable was the most significant predictors of physical activity intention. Health status and physical activity intention were predictors to know whether or not the financial employees exercised regluarly. Physical activity intention was the predictor of physical activities about work and housework, recreation and sports, and leisure-time activities, as well as total amount of the physical activity. Perceived behavioral control directly affecting physical activity intention and indirectly affecting physical activities were discovered by using the path analysis. In order to promote the health of financial employees, escalating the control beliefs and perceptivities of financial staff and eliminating their obstacle factors of physical activities were necessary. Increasing their self-efficacy of physical activity, financial employees can form a habit of exercising regularly and develop an appropriate health promotion project.
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