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Title: 臺北市健康促進志工健康促進活動參與程度及其相關因素研究
The Level of Participation in Health Promotion Activities and Related Factors of Health Promotion Volunteers in Taipei city
Authors: 鄭惠美
Huey-Mei Jeng
Jin Ping Rou
Keywords: 志工
Health Promoting Activity
Participation Degree
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究目的在瞭解臺北市健康促進志工健康促進活動參與程度及其相關因素預測力。採用「建立臺北市社區健康營造評價指標暨現況調查」志工問卷調查資料,進行二次資料分析。使用959名樣本進行統計分析。研究結果發現: 1.志工在每一項健康促進活動參與程度滿分為15分,每人17項健康促進活動參與程度總分為255分,研究結果發現,志工健康促進活動參與程度得分最高為11.76分,最低為1分,平均為2.23分,其健康促進活動參與屬於較低的參與程度。 2.志工年齡越長、志願服務年資越長、參與的志願服務工作內容越多,其健康促進活動參與程度越高。職業為技術性與半專業人員者,其健康促進活動參與程度明顯較高。 3.本研究迴歸模式可顯著預測研究對象「健康促進活動參與程度」,預測力有16.6%。主要預測因子為「性別」、「經濟狀況」、「志願服務單位屬性」及「志願服務工作內容」。 本研究根據研究發現及結論提出對健康促進相關單位之建議,以提升志工在健康促進活動之參與程度。
The purposes of this study are to investigate the health promoting volunteers’ participation degree of health promoting activity in Taipei city and the predictive capability of relevant factors. The method used secondary data analysis collected by “Assessment Index of Taipei Community Building for Health and Current Status Survey” with 959 questionnaires. Results of this study are as follows: 1.In 17 health promoting activities, total score of this scale is 255, the full score for participation degree of health promoting activity is 15, the average is 2.23 of the health promoting volunteers’ (max=11.76, min=1). It means that the volunteers have low participation of health promoting activity. 2.Elder, more service years, and more volunteer jobs of health promoting volunteers get higher degree of health promoting activity. The volunteers which are technical personnel and semiprofessionals have higher participation degree of health promoting activity than the others. 3.The pattern of this study can predict the health promotion activity participation degree of the volunteers significantly with 16.6% variances. The significant predictors are sex, economic, attribute of the volunteer organizations, and the jobs of the volunteer services. Based on the results, we give the related organizations some suggestions that increasing volunteers’ participation degree of health promoting activity.
Other Identifiers: GN0697050062
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