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Title: 藥癮者子代主觀陳述之困境與其韌性特質探討
A Narrative Study of Adversity and Resiliency among Offspring of Drug Users.
Authors: 李思賢
Keywords: 藥癮者
Drug User
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 父母親有使用藥物的孩童暴露在多重危險環境下,所暴露的因子會影響孩子的發展,國內對於藥癮者之第二代研究目前仍然缺乏,研究顯示對有藥物成癮問題的父母親的確對孩童有嚴重影響直至成年,其影響面向隨著子代發展階段面臨的困境有所不同,然而在此多重影響之下是否造成子代適應問題?有研究證實某些具有韌性的子代在適應情況較為良好,因此本研究目的是要探究藥癮者子代如何展現他們的韌性,並探討藥癮者子代之主觀生活經驗對他們而言的意涵與其適應的情況。研究採用質性研究中之深度訪談法,引導藥癮者子代詳述各面向生活困境經驗與適應,訪談之資料將編錄為逐字稿,進行質性內容分析。本研究共徵得5位青少年受訪者,研究發現藥癮者子代雖經歷重重困境,但在其生活故事中仍或多或少展現韌性特質。因此根據本研究提出建議完整性的評估與有效的戒斷父母親的成癮仍為最根本的方法,且應針對藥癮者與子代進行以韌性為基礎的介入性研究以增加子代正向的適應。
The children of drug use parents expose under the multiple dangerous environments, the exposed factor will influence the child's development. The study about second generation of drug user in our country is still scarce at present. Studies indicated that parental problem drug use really have serious influences on children until them growing up. The dimensions of parental problem drug use do influences at different development stage. Do they really meet the adaption problem under these influences? It is verify that resilient children adapted well. The purpose of the study is to understand how they show their resilience, and to understand the meaning of life experiences for them. The study adopt in-depth interview of quality technique, lead them told the experience and adaptation of life each to detail. The materials of interview edited and recorded for the draft word for word, and carried on quality content analysis. This research seeks 5 participants of teenagers. Study shows multiple adversity they went through, but there still represent resilience more or less of the story in life its. The research suggests integrity assessment and treatment of parental problem drug use is the most basic effective way. And resilience intervention should be considered in order to increase their positive adaptation.
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