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Title: 台北市葫蘆國小高年級學童蔬果攝取行為相關因素之研究
A Study on the Influential factors of Vegetable& Fruit Intake Behavior Among Senior Students of the Hulu Elementary School
Authors: 呂昌明 博士
Dr. Chang-Ming Lu
Chao-Fang Wu
Keywords: 國小高年級學童
senior students of elementary school
vegetable & fruit intake behavior
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 摘要 本研究主要目的在於了解國小高年級學童蔬果攝取行為之現況,並進一步探討個人背景因素、社會心理因素、社會環境因素與蔬果攝取行為之間的關係。以台北市葫蘆國小高年級學童為研究對象,共得有效樣本266人。所得資料以t檢定、單因子變異數分析、皮爾森積差相關,以及多元迴歸分析等統計方法進行分析,重要結果歸納如下: 一、近四成的研究對象有每天攝取三份蔬菜,近六成的研究對象有每天攝取二份水果。 二、研究對象的「自覺健康狀況」愈好,其蔬果攝取行為也愈佳。 三、蔬果攝取自我效能、蔬果攝取結果期望、蔬果攝取社會支持、蔬果攝取角色楷模、蔬果攝取可獲性、蔬果攝取可近性與蔬果攝取行為間呈現正相關;蔬果攝取知覺障礙與蔬果攝取行為間呈現負相關。 四、自覺健康狀況、蔬果攝取自我效能、蔬果攝取知覺障礙、蔬果攝取結果期望、蔬果攝取社會支持、蔬果攝取角色楷模、蔬果攝取可獲性、蔬果攝取可近性,共可解釋蔬果攝取行為總變異量的49.6%,影響力最大的為蔬果攝取自我效能。 最後,依據研究結果,對未來研究與實務工作提出建議。 關鍵字:國小高年級學童、蔬果攝取行為
The purpose of this study is to investigate the current vegetable& fruit intake behavior of elementary school senior students, and to inquire personal background factors, social psychology factors and social environment factors in relationship with vegetable & fruit intake behavior. The sample of questionnaire survey included 266 senior students which from the Hulu Elementary School. T-test, One Way ANOVA, Pearson’s Product-moment Correlation and Multiple Regression were used to analyze the data and results were as follows: 1.About 40% of subjects consume 3 portions of vegetable a day. About 60% of subjects consume 2 portions of fruit a day. 2.Subjects who perceive their health status to be better are more likely to eat vegetable & fruit. 3.Vegetable & fruit intake behavior was positively correlated with Self-efficacy, Outcome expectancy, Social support, Role modeling, Availability and Accessibility, then negatively correlated with Perceived barriers. 4.49.6% of the variation of vegetable & fruit intake behavior was explained by Perceived health status, Self-efficacy, Perceived barriers, Outcome expectancy, Social support, Role modeling, Availability and Accessibility. The strongest predictor of vegetable & fruit intake behavior was Self-efficacy. Finally, these results were discussed and applied in the practical experience and future studies. Key words:vegetable& fruit intake behavior, senior students of elementary school
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