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Title: 台北市國中八年級學生知覺學校氣氛、學業成就與危害健康行為研究
Authors: 賴香如
Keywords: 國中學生
junior high school student
school climate
academic performance
health-risk behavior
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討國中學生知覺學校氣氛、學業成就、危害健康行為的現況,以及學校氣氛對學業成就與危害健康行為之預測力。採橫斷式調查研究,以隨機方式自七所國中選出十四班八年級學生為研究對象,共發出438份問卷,回收後剔除無效填答得有效問卷406份,有效回收率93%;除了自陳式問卷之外,同時蒐集學業成就、在校違規記錄等學校資料。以SPSS12.0 for Windows統計軟體進行Pearson積差相關以及多元廻歸分析,得到下列重要結果: 一、 台北市國中學生知覺的學校氣氛偏正向。 二、 台北市國中學生於本學期第二次段考之國、英、數三科成績的T分布近似於常態分布。 三、 台北市國中學生危害健康行為現況屬輕微程度。 四、 知覺學校氣氛愈佳,則學業成就愈佳、危害健康行為愈少。 五、 控制背景因素前後,學校氣氛中「學生參與決定」、「支持多元文化」及「紀律嚴苛」等層面是學業成就的重要預測變項。 六、 控制背景因素前後,學校氣氛中「學業傾向」、「紀律嚴苛」及「安全問題」等層面是整體危害健康行為的重要預測變項。 根據研究發現,建議改善學校設備、增加創新教學與教師支持,營造有利於學業成就與降低危害健康行為的學校氣氛。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceived school climate, academic performance and health-risk behaviors, and assess the effect of school climate on academic performance and health-risk behaviors. The subjects were 406 eight-grade students from fourteen randomly selected classes in seven determined junior high schools in Taipei. Data were collected from students’ self-report questionnaire and school staffs. The total sample size was 438 with 93% (406/438) response rate. Further, Pearson product-moment correlation, and multiple regressions were applied to analyze the data. The results indicated that: 1. The subjects’ perception of school climate was positive. 2. T-distribution of the average score-Chinese, English and Mathematic of midterm was close to bell-shaped. 3. Health-risk behaviors of the subjects were rare. 4. Students perceived more positive school climate had higher academic performance and less health-risk behaviors. 5. The academic performance was best explained by ‘Student input in decision making’, ‘support for cultural pluralism’ and ‘disciplinary harshness’ after controlling for confounding factors. 6. Health-risk behaviors was best explained by ‘student commitment’, ‘disciplinary harshness’ and ‘safety problems’ after controlling for confounding factors. Suggestions of future studies and improvement of the school climate in junior high schools are proposed at the end of this thesis.
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