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Title: 口腔癌患者手術後其社會支持與生活品質之關係探討
Authors: 呂昌明教授
Keywords: 口腔癌
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解口腔癌患者手術後的生活品質現況,並探討社會支持與生活品質的關係。以大台北區某兩家醫學中心,總共收集了102例口腔癌的病患作為研究對象。採結構式問卷為研究工具,進行資料收集,所得資料以t檢定、單因子變異數分析、皮爾森積差相關、多元迴歸分析等統計方法進行分析。 本研究主要結果如下: 一、 研究對象整體社會支持程度偏低,不同支持功能中,以情緒支持得分最高,其次為訊息支持,最後為實質支持。家人是整體社會支持主要來源,其次是醫療專業人員,再次為親戚、朋友,宗教人士居第四位。 二、 研究對象社會支持因「口腔癌種類」、「腫瘤分期」、「手術方式」的不同而有顯著差異。 三、 研究對象生活品質介於『有一點困擾』~『相當多困擾』之間。 四、 以整體生活品質困擾事件來看,研究對象在口腔癌術後最感困擾前十項依序為「害怕腫瘤復發」、「外出時進食時感到困擾」、「難以享受進餐的樂趣」、「在其他人面前進食感到困擾」、「外出至公共場合感到困擾」、「和朋友交往接觸感到困擾」,「咀嚼困難」,「張大嘴巴有困難」,「假牙方面問題」,「覺得嘴巴乾乾」與「用電話交談感到困擾」。 五、 研究對象之生活品質困擾問題會因「婚姻狀況」、「自覺健康狀況」、「口腔癌發生部位」、「腫瘤分期」、「治療方式」、「手術方式」、「手術重建方式」的不同而有顯著差異。 六、研究對象的社會支持與生活品質呈顯著負相關,亦即社會支持愈多,對生活品質的困擾愈少。 七、研究對象手術後整體生活品質之重要預測變項為「婚姻狀況」、「腫瘤分期」、「自覺健康狀況」與「整體社會支持」,其對生活品質可解釋之總變異量為42.4%。 八、不同社會支持來源中以「醫療專業人員」的社會支持對研究對象的整體生活品質影響力較大。 九、七種不同問題層面的社會支持中以「社交接觸與社交進食問題」的社會支持對研究對象的整體生活品質最有助益。 最後,依據研究結果進行討論,並分別針對實務工作與未來研究提出建議。
The purposes of this study were to understand the current quality of life (QoL) of oral cancer patients after treatment and to invastigate the relationship between social supports and the patients’ QoL. The study sample of 102 oral cancer patients was adopted from two medical centers in Taipei. A structural questionnaire was used to measure the quality of life. Data was analyzed with independent-sample T test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson product-moment correlation, and multiple linear regression . The main findings of the study were as follows: 1. The overall social support for the oral cancer patients was low. In the different kinds of supports, the emotional support gets the highest scores, the information support comes in the second, and the last is the instrumental support. The family is the primary source of the social support, the medical personnel come in the second, the relatives and the friends come in the third, and the religion personnel comes in the last. 2. The social support of patients are significant difference among cancer type、tumor stage、and surgery type. 3. The overall QoLs of the study sample are between “minor bothering ”and “quite bothering”. 4. The top 10 events influencing the QoL of the study sample are: the worry of cancer recurrence、 bother when eating outside、difficulty in enjoying eating、bother when eating with other people、bother when going outside、bother when contacting with friends、chewing difficulty、difficulty when mouth opening、dental prosthesis、dry mouth and bother of phone conversion. 5. The QoL of patients are significant different among the marriage status、perceived health status、cancer location、tumor stage、treatment option、surgery type and reconstructive surgery type. 6. It was significantly negative correlation between the social support and the QoL . The more social support, the less disturbance of life quality. 7. The most important predictive varibles of the post-operative QoL of the patients are the marriage status, tumor stage, the perceived health status, and the overall social support. They can explain 42.4% of the total variances in QoL . 8. In the different kinds of social supports, the medical personnel have the great influence on the QoL of the patients. 9. In the seven different kinds of social supports, the support of social contact and eating give the greatest help to the QoL of the study group. At the end of this thesis, these results were discussed and suggestions for the practical experience and future studies.
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