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Title: 新北市某國中學生休閒活動參與和生活壓力關係之研究
The Relationship between Leisure Activity Participation and Life Stress : Using a Junior High School in New Taipei City as Case Study.
Authors: 胡益進
Hu Yih-Jin
Chien Chia-ying
Keywords: 國中學生
junior high school
leisure activity participation
life stress
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解新北市某國中學生休閒活動參與和生活壓力的現況與相關情形,並探討性別、年級、父母婚姻狀況、家庭社經地位、補習狀況、每週零用錢金額及在校段考成績表現不同的國中學生在休閒活動參與和生活壓力之差異。 本研究以新北市某國中學生為對象,以自編之休閒活動參與和生活壓力之調查問卷作為蒐集資料的研究工具,採分層抽樣方法,共抽取18個班級,一共發放576份問卷,回收有效問卷489份,研究資料以描述性統計、one-way ANOVA、皮爾森積差相關與多元迴歸分析等統計方法進行資料處理。 本研究結果如下: 一、 研究對象休閒活動參與平均分數最高的類別為康樂型,其得分為19.25。 二、 研究對象平均分數最高前三項休閒活動參與分別為:電腦或手機上網(平均數=4.47)、看電視或DVD(平均數=4.44)和聽音樂(平均數=3.96)。 三、 研究對象生活壓力平均分數最高的是個人層面的壓力,其得分為36.42。 四、 研究對象平均分數最高的前三項生活壓力分別為:擔心考不上理想學校(平均數=3.13)、學校考試太多(平均數=3.11)、目前面臨重要考試(平均數=3.04)。 五、 研究對象在性別、年級、補習時間、每週零用錢金額等社會人口學變項的影響下,休閒活動參與有顯著差異。 六、 研究對象在家庭社經地位、補習狀況等社會人口學變項的影響下,生活壓力有顯著差異。 七、 研究對象之休閒活動參與和生活壓力呈正相關。 八、 研究對象之社會人口學變項和休閒活動參與對生活壓力具預測力。
The purpose of this study was to understand the current status of junior high school students’ leisure activity participation and life stress, and to compare the differences based on different background variables. This study adopted “Questionnaire Survey” to study junior high school students in New Taipei City by self-created questionnaire. Subjects of the study were designed for data collection 18 classes were chosen, 576 surveys had been sent out, and recieved 489 valid questionnaire. The obtained data were analyzed by using the methods of descriptive statistics, one-way ANOVA, Person product-moment correlation, and multiple regression analysis. According to research results came with the following conclusions. 1. The average number of leisure activity participation is highest in “entertainment” type. (Mean=19.25) 2. Leisure activity participation of highest scores for the top three order of play computer or surf the Internet (Mean=4.47), watching TV or DVD (Mean=4.44) and listening to music (Mean=3.96). 3. The average number of life stress is highest in “personal" dimension. (Mean=36.42) 4. Life stress of highest scores for the top three order of worry not get into the ideal school (Mean=3.13), too many school exams (Mean= 3.11) and currently facing an important test (Mean=3.04). 5. There were significant effects of students’ background on liesure participation. Including grades, gender, time of taking lessons after school, the pocket money of every week. 6. There were significant effects of students’ background on liesure participation and life stress. Including family socio-economic status, achievement in school. 7. Leisure activity participation and life stress with positive correlation. 8. Students’ background and leisure activity participation can slightly predict life stress of junior high school students.
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