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Title: 高中學生睡眠品質及其相關因素之研究 -以台南市某高級中學為例
Authors: 葉國樑博士
Keywords: 睡眠品質
Sleeping quality
sleeping health
internet usage behavior
senior high students
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究主要的目的在瞭解高中學生的睡眠品質現況,並探討個人因素、生活壓力、睡眠衛生、網路使用行為與睡眠品質間的關係。以台南市某高中九十九學年度第二學期在學學生為母群體,採分層集束抽樣取得樣本,用自填問卷的方式進行資料收集,共發出393份問卷,有效樣本為384份,回收率97.7%。研究結果歸納如下: 一、研究對象睡眠品質差者為多數,放假日的睡眠品質較上課日的睡眠品質為佳。 二、研究對象自覺健康狀況較差、生活壓力愈大、睡眠衛生愈差、網路使用行為愈多其睡眠品質也越差。 三、研究對象自覺健康狀況、生活壓力、睡眠衛生等預測變項能有效預測睡眠品質,解釋力為17.7%,其中以自覺健康狀況影響力最大。
The purposes of this study were to explore sleeping quality, and to investigate the relationships among personal factors, life pressure, sleeping health, and internet usage behavior toward sleeping quality of senior high students at one school in Tainan. The research population was students at one senior high school in Tainan. By using stratified cluster sampling method, the sample was 393 students. The data of 384 students was collected by self-administered questionnaire .The return rate was 97.7% . The findings were as follows: 1. The bad sleep health was found on the most parts of senior high school students. The sleeping quality on weekends was better than that on weekdays. 2. The worse state of awareness health, greater life pressure, worse sleeping health and worse internet usage behavior might be resulted in the worse sleeping quality. 3. The predictors such as personal factors, pressure and sleeping health could effectively predict the sleeping quality, and the explanatory power was 17.7 %. Among these factors the state of awareness health was the pronounced.
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