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Title: 國中生冒險行為與其相關因素研究--以台中縣某國中為例
A Study of the Relationship among Risk-taking Behavior of Junior High School Students -- One Junior high school in Taichung County as the example
Authors: 胡益進
Wen-Hsin Lee
Keywords: 國中生
junior high school students
risk behaviors
self-risk perception
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討台中縣某國民中學學生社會人口學、自我危險知覺與其冒險行為間之相關研究。本研究採取問卷調查方式,問卷設計藉由學生開放式問卷及相關國內外文獻集結而成。於2009年6月以隨機抽樣方式抽取該校一、二年級各四班以及三年級三班作為研究樣本,共計有374位學生參與,回收349份有效問卷,有效施測率為93.32%。經統計分析後,茲將本研究所得結論歸納如下: 一、整體受試樣本之冒險行為種類與地點以「走廊奔跑」為最多;校內冒險行為展現比例達93.7%,其中,一年級比例最高、曾因此而受傷者以二年級為最多;學業成績方面以「班級中間名次」之展現比例為最高。 二、性別與母親管教態度在冒險行為上有顯著差異,其中以男生較容易展現冒險行為;母親管教態度「專制權威」者之冒險行為發生率高於「民主開放」及「忽視冷漠」。 三、研究對象之社會人際關係與其冒險行為呈現顯著負相關、相關程度為低度相關;其自我危險知覺與冒險行為呈現顯著負相關、相關程度為中度相關。 四、社會人口學變項、自我危險知覺對冒險行為有顯著預測力,其聯合解釋量有31.2%的解釋量。
The purpose of this study was to examine the interrelationships among risk behavior and its related factors in one junior high school in Taichung County. The study was conducted through Random Sampling in one junior high school in Taichung County. Questionnaires encompass the Basic Data, Social Relationship Questionnaire, Self-risk Perception Questionnaire, and Risk-taking Behavior Questionnaire. Questionnaires were conducted in one junior high school in Taichung County in June of 2009. There were 364 students participating in the study, complete with 349 valid samples. The main findings of this study are as follows, 1. Top one of risk-taking behavior was that running into the passageway. The rate of students who had had risk-taking behavior was 93.7%.One-grade students had participated in risk-taking behavior more frequently than others. 2. The variables of students’ gender and parenting style of mothers caused significant difference in their risk-taking behaviors. Male students had participated in risk-taking behaviors more frequently than female students. 3. Social relationships of students whose showed significantly negative correlation with risk-taking behavior. Self-risk perception was negatively correlation with risk-taking behavior. 4. Multiple regression analysis indicated that 31.2% of virtual relationship on the risk-taking behavior could be predicted, based on personal background and self-risk perception.
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