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Title: 彰化縣國民中小學衛生組長對健康促進學校的認知、態度及執行程度之研究
Authors: 姜逸群
Keywords: 健康促進學校
health promotion schools
director of health section
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本論文旨在了解國民中小學衛生組長對健康促進學校的認知、態度及執行程度,以九十六學年度彰化縣公立國民中小學衛生組長為母群體,依分層系統抽樣法抽取樣本,並以自填式結構問卷進行調查,得有效樣本141名,研究主要發現分述如下: 一、衛生組長對健康促進學校的認知程度以學校物質環境的認知最好,學校社會環境次之,學校衛生政策最差。整體而言,衛生組長對一般性事務(如校園環境整潔、美化等)的認知較好;而需要專業知識方面(如特殊疾病處理、制定衛生政策等)則較差。 二、參加健康促進學校訓練且時數愈多、對健康促進學校支持、有成立學校衛生相關委員會且成立時間愈長、曾經運用社區資源、學校同仁了解度愈高及學校同仁支持者,其對健康促進學校的認知較好。 三、衛生組長對健康促進學校的態度以健康服務的態度最好,學校物質環境次之,社區關係最差。整體而言,衛生組長關注的仍是校園環境的維護和學生的身體安全的促進,對於開放空間給社區使用或是辦理健康活動(如健康技能競賽、運用社團促進健康)重要性就較低。 四、對健康促進學校支持、委員會成立時間愈長、學校同仁了解度高及學校同仁支持者,會認為健康促進學校愈重要。 五、衛生組長對健康促進學校的執行程度以健康服務的執行程度最好,學校物質環境次之,社區關係最差。整個執行程度以校園環境整潔為重,而規劃、強化學生及教師的健康生活技能或培養上則較不足。 六、參加健康促進學校訓練且時數愈多、對健康促進學校支持、有成立委員會且成立時間愈久、學校同仁了解度愈高及學校同仁支持者,對健康促進學校的執行程度就愈好。
The purpose of study was to understand the person’s cognition, attitude and implementation of health promotion schools(HPS),who worked as a director of health section elementary school and junior high school in Chang-Hua County. The subjects were sampled by systematic sampling and the data were collected by self-administrated questionnaire. The valid samples were 141, and the major finding were as follows: I.The best of subject’s cognition about HPS was the physical environment, the social environment was secondary, and the school health policies were the worst. II.The subjects who had been participating the training activities about HPS,more support for HPS,While the longer the committee of school health had been founded , the subjects who had been used the social resource, and the extent of staff who understood and supported HPS program, were more related to higher score of cognition of HPS. III.The subjects attitude toward HPS was found that, the attitude of school health service was the most important, the physical environment was secondary, and the community relationship was the worst important. IV.Those who were supporting of HPS, the longer committee of school health had been founded, the extent of staff’s were the more positive attitude toward HPS. V.The implementation of HPS, the implementation of school health service was the best, and the physical environment was secondary, and the community relationship was the worst. VI.The subjects had been trained in HPS program were more supporting the work of HPS. In addition, the longer the committee of school health had been founded , the more extent of school of staff’s supporting, was higher related to score of the implementation of HPS.
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