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Title: 中高齡者社會參與、憂鬱症狀與活躍老化之相關研究~以臺北市某行政區為例
Social Participation, Depression Symptoms and Active Aging among Elders, in one District of Taipei City.
Authors: 葉國樑
Gwo- Liang Yeh
Chie-Chien Tseng
Keywords: 中高齡者
the elderly
community involvement
depressive symptoms
active aging
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 摘 要 本研究的目的在探討45歲以上之中高齡者在社會參與、憂鬱症狀與活躍老化之相關因素。研究母群體為臺北市某行政區45歲以上中高齡者,共取得有效樣本407人,採結構式問卷由訪員進行問卷施測訪談。本研究之重要結果如下: 一、本研究結果以61-65歲、身體健康、已退休之中高齡者女性比例最高,顯示女性較男性願意參與社會活動,相對的在社會參與是較具影響力的,或為社會參與主要之族群。 二、研究樣本有八成五之家人大都很支持或支持他們參與社會活動,而有近八成為已婚 、配偶健在,顯示有家人支持、已婚及配偶健者之因素,越能夠促使有社會參與之意願。 三、本研究之中高齡者每週參與休閒活動之頻率最高,其次是參與學習活動,再者為參與志願性服務。而社會參與種類以對於「社團活動」參與的程度較高;而對於「宗教活動」得分較低,表示中高齡者對於宗教活動的參與較為不熱衷。 四、社會人口變項探討之結果,其中性別、年齡、教育程度、婚姻及工作狀況方面,在社會參與頻率及社會參與程度、憂鬱症狀與活躍老化無顯著性差異。在健康狀況及活動支持度方面,除對社會參與頻率無明顯差異外,對社會參與程度、憂鬱症狀與活躍老化皆有顯著性差異。 五、中高齡者社會參與、憂鬱症狀對活躍老化整體之預測力,社會參與頻率、社會參與和「活躍老化」呈顯著正相關,而社會參與和活躍老化的相關性最高,社會參與頻率與活躍老化的相關性次之,表示研究對象之社會參頻率及社會參與程度越高,則活躍老化愈明顯。而社會參與、憂鬱症狀與活躍老化的呈現負相關,表示研究對象社會參頻率越多及社會參與分數越高,則越無憂鬱症狀,這樣的結果符合本研究之研究假設。 關鍵字:中高齡者、社會參與、憂鬱症狀、活躍老化
Abstract This study aims to explore among the elderly over 45 years old to participate in the community, depressive symptoms and active aging. The study population was aged over 45 years in a district of Taipei, 407 valid samples, adopt a structured questionnaire to conduct test and questionnaire interviews. The important results of this study are as follows: 1. The study results are 61-65 years old, healthy, retired among the highest proportion of elderly women, show more women than men are willing to participate in social activities, is a major ethnic groups of social participation. 2. There are 85% of the family is very support or support their participation in social activities, there are nearly eight percent are married, spouse alive, showing the above factors can motivate community participation will. 3. Leisure activities have the highest frequency of weekly participation and social participation, followed by learning activities, moreover, a voluntary service. And social participation category of "community activities" involving a higher degree; while for "religious activities" lower scores. 4. The study of socio-demographic variables, health status and activities in support, in addition to the social participation was no significant difference in the frequency, the degree of social participation, depressive symptoms and active aging has significant difference. 5. The elderly in community participation, depressive symptoms predicted for the active aging, frequency of social participation, social participation and 'active aging' was a significant positive correlation, which means that the higher social participation and social involvement frequency, the more obvious of active aging. And social participation, depressive symptoms and active aging was negatively correlated, which means that the higher social participation and social involvement frequency, the more non-depressive symptoms. Keywords: the elderly, community involvement, depressive symptoms, active aging
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