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Title: 職場員工從事規律運動行為相關因素探討
Factors Associated with Regular Exercise Behavior among the Employees in workplace
Authors: 呂昌明
Chang-Ming, Lu
Fong-Ching, Chang
Keywords: 職場員工
Employees in Workplace
Regular Exercise behavior
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本論文旨在探討職場員工社會人口因素(包含性別、年齡、婚姻狀況、自覺健康狀況、運動社團的參與)、社會心理因素(包含運動自我效能、運動社會支持、運動享樂感、運動結果期待)、運動環境因素與規律運動行為的關係。以某職場員工的300名正職員工為研究對象,採結構式問卷進行調查,得到有效問卷 286份,回收率為 95%。所得資料以 卡方檢定、t 檢定、單因子變異數分析、點二系相關、邏輯斯迴歸分析等統計方法進行分析。重要結果歸納如下: 一、 研究對象的規律運動行為比率佔41.3% 。 二、 自覺健康狀態愈好者,愈會從事規律運動,有參與運動社團者愈會從事規律 運動 。 三、 影響研究對象規律運動行為的社會心理變項為運動自我效能、運動社會支 持、運動享樂感、運動結果期待與規律運動行為皆有顯著相關。 四、 影響研究對象規律運動行為的運動環境因素變項為居住地方的運動器材或設 備的有無、居住附近可運動場所設備的個數與從事規律運動有顯著的關係。 五、 研究對象的規律運動行為可由「運動自我效能」變項來做預測。 最後,依據研究發現,對某職場工作實務與未來研究方向提出建議,以做為該職場提供規律運動行為的參考。
The purposes of this study was to explore regular exercise behavior and their determinants among employees in workeplace.Psychosocial factors and enviormental factors regarding engage regular exercise behavior were obtained form 286 male and female employees. The results were evaluated by chi-square test, t-test, one-way ANOVA, point-biserial correlation and logistic regressions. There were major findings as following: 1.About 41% of subjects had regular exercise in past six months 2.Subjects who perceived their health status to be better ,or who joined sport clubs were more likely to engage regular exercise behavior. 3.Self-efficacy for exercise, social support for exercise, sport enjoyment and outcome expectation for exercise were positively correlated with regular exercise behavior. 4.Enviormental factors(sports equipment at home,places to exercise) were positively related regular exercise behavior. 5.Self-efficacy for exercise could predict regular exercise behavior. Implications for use of this finding by health educators in developing relevant intervention to promote regular exercise behavior are discussed.
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