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Title: 護理人員職業倦怠、復原力及病人安全文化相關因素研究
A study on related factors among burnout,resilience and patient safety culture in nurse staffs
Authors: 李思賢
Tony Szu-Hsien Lee
Keywords: 職業倦怠
job burnout
patient safety culture
nurse staff
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在護理人員職業倦怠、復原力及病人安全文化 相關因素研究。研究對象為北市某醫學中心之護理人員為母群體,以自填式結構問卷為研究工具,經分層隨機抽樣方式,共得有效樣本275份。本研究重要結果如下: 一、 研究對象之職業倦怠程度介於中-高程度;復原力整體量表屬中上程度,而病人安全文化之整體態度評分介於負向與中立之間。 二、 以職業倦怠三層面中以情緒耗竭最為嚴重,其次為個人成就感低落及缺乏人性化;而不同年齡、照顧病患人數、擔任護理人員總年資、薪資所得的護理人員,在職業倦怠上皆有顯著差異存在。 三、 以復原力得分而言,不同護理人員背景變項無顯著差異存在。 四、 以病人安全文化整體而言,不同護理人員背景變項皆無顯著差異存在。在安全風氣得分上擔任護理人員總年資具有顯著差異存在;對壓力認知得分上,以年齡具有顯著差異存在;在管理感受上,以工作單位具有顯著差異存在。 五、 經結構方程模式分析,職業倦怠對病人安全文化的具有直接影響效果,而「復原力」在「職業倦怠」對「病人安全文化」的影響關係之間具有中介效果,代表本研究之中介模式為部分中介。 六、 本研究依結論建議減少護理人員的職業倦怠程度、應重視復原力的提升,以提高病人安全文化的專業態度。
This study aim the related factors among job burnout, resilience and patient safety culture in nurse staffs.The population studied are the nurse staffs of medical center in Taipei. The research tool is self-administrated structure questionnaires. A total effective sample of 275 was collected by the method of stratified random sampling. Our main finding as below: 1. The extent of job burnout of participants is between middle to high level; resilience score belong to above average level and the attitude toward patient safety culture is within negative and neutral area. 2. In the three layers of job burnout, emotion exhaustion is most severe and next is low personal accomplishment and lacking humanity. There is a significant difference of burnout in age, patient number of taking care, the summation of seniority, and salary. 3. According to the scores of resilience, the different background of nurses has no significant difference. 4. In the aspect of patient safety culture, different background of nurses has no significant difference. Nevertheless, there exist significant difference in seniority on the scores of safety atmosphere; age on the cognition of stress and work place on the perception of management. 5. In the structure equation model analysis, job burnout has direct effect on patient safety culture. However, resilience has mediation effect on relationship between job burnout and patient safety culture, meaning that the mediation effect is partial.
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