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Title: 以健康信念模式探討大學生接種流感疫苗意圖之影響因素
Factors Associated with University Students' Intention of Influenza Vaccination: A Health Belief Model Approach
Authors: 張鳳琴
Chang, Fong-Ching
Liao, Guan-Ning
Keywords: 健康信念模式
Health belief model
influenza vaccine
university students
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究以健康信念模式探討大學生接種流感疫苗意圖之影響因素,研究對象為103學年度在學之大學學生,以結構式問卷進行調查,於臺北市三所大學進行取樣,得有效問卷共計629份。重要結果如下: 一、研究對象流感自覺罹患性、流感自覺嚴重度、流感疫苗接種自覺行動利益皆屬中上程度,流感疫苗接種自我效能、流感疫苗接種意圖屬中等程度。 二、研究對象流感自覺罹患性、流感疫苗接種自我效能與流感疫苗接種意圖呈顯著正相關,而流感疫苗接種自覺行動障礙與流感疫苗接種意圖呈顯著負相關。 三、曾上網搜尋流感疫苗相關訊息、曾接種流感疫苗、曾得過流感、醫事人員建議、親友建議接種及從衛生單位獲得相關訊息與研究對象流感疫苗接種意圖呈顯著差異。 四、流感自覺罹患性、流感疫苗接種自我效能、親友建議接種、曾上網搜尋流感疫苗相關訊息、過去曾接種流感疫苗能有效預測大學生接種流感疫苗意圖。 根據研究結果,建議學校與政府單位在宣導流感疫苗接種上可著重提升學生流感罹患性感知、流感疫苗接種自我效能及搜尋流感資訊之電子健康素養,及鼓勵學生多與親友討論流感疫苗接種。
The present study aimed to examine factors related to influenza vaccination intention among university students. A total of 629 valid self-administered questionnaires were collected from three universities in Taipei. The major findings were as follows. 1. University students had middle-high levels of perceived susceptibility, perceived seriousness of influenza, and middle levels of perceived benefits, and self-efficacy of influenza vaccination. 2. Perceived susceptibility of influenza and self-efficacy was positively associated with intention to receive an influenza vaccine, while perceived barriers of influenza vaccination was negatively associated with intention to influenza vaccination. 3. Prior influenza vaccination uptake, receiving advice from medical personnel, family, and friends were associated with influenza vaccination. 4. Perceived influenza susceptibility, influenza vaccination self-efficacy, receiving advices from family and friends, and searching online influenza information were significant associated with influenza vaccination intention. According to the results, it was suggested that schools and governments could strengthen influenza susceptibility messages, self-efficacy, and ehealth literacy to promote influenza vaccination. Parents and friends could discuss influenza vaccination with students.
Other Identifiers: G060305020E
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