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Titel: 消防人員健康生活型態及其相關因素之研究─以北部某消防局為例
A Study on the Health Promotion Lifestyle of Firefighters and Its Related Factors - A Case Study of a Fire Department in Northern Taiwan
Autoren: 葉國樑
Yeh, Gwo-Liang
Tseng, Chie-Chien
Chuang, Chi-Ju
Stichwörter: 健康促進生活型態
health promotion lifestyle
health behavior self-efficacy
conscious health status
Erscheinungsdatum: 2019
Zusammenfassung: 本研究以北部某消防局消防人員為研究對象,目的在探討消防人員健康促進生活型態現況及其相關影響因素。採橫斷式調查法,應用問卷收集資料,研究工具包括個人基本資料、自覺健康狀態量表、健康行為自我效能量表與健康促進生活型態量表,共發出正式問卷495份,成功回收問卷457份,有效問卷回收率達92.32%。研究結果發現: 一、研究對象健康促進生活型態屬中等程度,各分量表得分由高至低依序為靈性成長、人際關係、壓力處理、身體活動、營養、健康責任。 二、研究對象健康促進生活型態會因年齡、教育程度、消防資歷、服務單位之不同水準而有顯著差異,其中以31-40歲、專科學歷、資歷16-20年,以及一般分隊表現較佳。 三、研究對象健康促進生活型態與自覺健康狀況、健康行為自我效能呈顯著正相關,而與身體質量指數呈顯著負相關。 四、自覺健康狀態及健康行為自我效能可解釋健康促進生活型態總變異量的47.2%,其中健康行為自我效能為最佳預測因子。 依據研究結果,對健康活動、政策及未來研究方向提出相關建議,以期提升消防人員整體健康水準。 關鍵詞:健康促進生活型態、健康行為自我效能、自覺健康狀態
This study aimed to investigate the current status of firefighters' health promotion lifestyle and its related influencing factors from a fire station in Northern Taiwan. The cross-sectional survey method was used to collect data using questionnaires. The research tools included basic personal data, self-conscious health status scale, health behavior self-efficacy scale and health promotion lifestyle scale. A total of 495 formal questionnaires were issued, and 457 effective questionnaires were collected. The recovery rate reached 92.32%. The study found that: First, the subjects' health promotion lifestyle is moderate, the scores of each subscale from high to low are spiritual growth, interpersonal relationship, stress management, physical activity, nutrition, and health responsibility. Second, the subjects' health promotion lifestyle are significantly different with different age, education level, fire qualifications, and service units. Firefighters under 31 to 40 years of age, with college degree, having 16 to 20 years of experiences, and served in the general team performed better health promotion lifestyle. Third, the subjects' health promotion lifestyle was significantly positively correlated with conscious health status and healthy behavior self-efficacy, but significantly negatively correlated with body mass index. Fourth, self-consciousness and healthy behavior self-efficacy can explain 47.2% of the total variance of health-promoting lifestyles, with healthy behavioral self-efficacy being the best predictor. Based on the research results, recommendations are made for health activities, policies, and future research directions to improve the overall health of firefighters. Keywords: health promotion lifestyle, health behavior self-efficacy, conscious health status
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