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Title: 產後婦女母乳哺餵自我效能、社會支持與幸福感之相關研究
The study of Postpartum women breastfeeding among self - efficacy, social support and happiness
Authors: 胡益進
Hu, Yih-Jin
Chang, Yen-Jung
Chou, Li-Ching
Keywords: 母乳哺餵
social support
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究在探討產後婦女之母乳哺餵自我效能、社會支持與幸福感現況,及個人背景變項對母乳哺餵自我效能、社會支持與幸福感之差異,並了解母乳哺餵自我效能、社會支持與幸福感三者相關性。 以臺北市某區的產後婦女為本研究的樣本,並採用立意抽樣,以問卷調查法進行資料收集,共取得328份有效問卷,有效回收率100% 。歸納研究結果如下: 一、本研究對象以30-34歲、大學畢業者、已婚及家庭主婦為主,大多數採自然產,睡眠時間6-8小時佔多數。研究對象的母乳哺餵的自我效能屬於中上程度、中下程度的社會支持、中上程度的幸福感。 二、研究對象之背景變項中,睡眠及教育程度與幸福感達顯著差異,其餘項目並未達統計上顯著差異。 三、母乳哺餵自我效能與幸福感呈顯著正相關(p< 0.001),社會支持與幸福感呈顯著正相關(p< 0.001)。 四、「教育程度」、「母乳哺餵社會支持」、「睡眠時間」、「母乳哺餵自我效能」可有效預測幸福感,並可達25.8%的預測力。 最後根據上述研究結果,提出建議供未來相關研究的參考。 關鍵字:母乳哺餵、自我效能、社會支持、幸福感
The study assesses self-efficacy, social support and happiness among postpartum breastfeeding women, and examines the associations between breastfeeding self-efficacy , social support and happiness. A total of 328 study participants who were selected from postpartum breastfeeding women in Taipei, completed the questionnaire survey. Effective recovery rate was 100%. Results are as follows: 1.The majority of study participants were 30-34 years old, married housewives and had an undergraduate degree. Most of them had vaginal delivery, and had 6-8 hours of sleep.On average, the self-efficacy of breast-feeding and happiness were at the upper-middle level., social support was lower-middle level. 2.Sleep duration and education levels were significantly associated with the level of happiness. 3.Result showed a positive correlation between breastfeeding self-efficacy and happiness(p< 0.001), and a positive correlation between social support and happiness (p< 0.001). 4.Regression analysis showed that educational level, social support, sleep duration, breastfeeding self-efficacy were significant predictors of the level of happiness. Key Words: breastfeeding, self-efficacy, social support, happiness
Other Identifiers: G0004053127
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