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dc.contributor.authorSung, Pen-Huien_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在瞭解科技廠研發人員睡眠品質現況,探討背景變項、身體活動量與睡眠品質間之關係。以新北市某科技廠研發人員為母群體,採用問卷調查法,以隨機取樣選取研發人員,得有效問卷158份,有效回收率為96%,得研究結果如下: 一、科技廠研發人員身體活動量不足者佔56.3%,從事費力身體活動每週平均2.80天,花費時間為37.29分鐘,從事中等費力身體活動每週平均2.74天,花費時間為25.47分鐘,從事走路活動每週平均4.44天,花費時間為34.80分鐘,研發人員每日坐著時間平均8.39小時。 二、科技廠研發人員中有60.1%睡眠品質不佳,有56.3%身體活動量不足。科技廠研發人員之背景變項與睡眠品質無顯著差異。 三、科技廠研發人員身體活動量會因「性別」不同而有顯著差異,男性身體活動量高於女性。而其他背景變項則無顯著差異。 四、科技廠研發人員之背景變項與身體活動量無法對睡眠品質進行有效預測。 本研究之建議,在未來執行職場睡眠品質相關因素研究時,應詳細釐清研究變項間之變化程度及因果關係,加入其他變項如飲食行為、工作壓力、生活滿意度、憂鬱程度等預測變項。 關鍵字:睡眠品質、身體活動、研發人員zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to understand the current state of sleep quality of R&D Department in a High-Tech Factory, and to explore the relationship between background variables, physical activity and sleep quality. Research subjects are employee in R&D Department in a High-Tech factory in New Taipei. Cross-sectional questionnaire survey method was used to purposive sampling the R&D Department. A total of 158 effective questionnaire was collected, and the effective recovery rate was 96%. Research results are summarized as follows: 1.56.3% of employee in the R&D Departmentof this High-Tech factory did not have enough physical activity. Employee engaged in vigorous physical activity spent an averaged of 2.80 days per week and averaged 37.29 minutes for each physical activity. Employee with moderate physical activity spent an averaged 2.74 days per week and averaged 25.47 minutes for each physical activity. Employee's walking activities averaged 4.44 days per week and 34.80 minutes for each activity. The averaged sedentary time for R&D personnel is 8.39 hours per day. 2.60.1% of the R&D personnel in this High-Tech factory have poor sleep quality, and 56.3% have insufficient physical activity. Quality of sleep has no significant difference in employee's background variables. 3.Employee's physical activity were significantly different in different “gender”. The physical activity of males is higher than that of females. And the other background variables did not show any significantly different. 4.Employee's background variables and physical activity cannot effectively predict their sleep quality. This study presents recommendations for further research in workplace sleeping quality. Further study may include more diverse variables such as eating behavior, pressure from work, life satisfaction, and depression as prediction variables. Key Words: sleep quality, physical activity, employees of research and development departmenten_US
dc.subjectsleep qualityen_US
dc.subjectphysical activityen_US
dc.subjectemployees of research and development departmenten_US
dc.titleA Study on Workplace Employee Sleep Quality and Related Factors - A Survey in a High-tech Factory R& D Department in New Taipei Cityen_US
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