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Title: 探索醫療團隊對於整合照護之內部行銷觀點
To explore the opinions on internal marketing among medical team who provide integrated healthcare.
Authors: 郭鐘隆
Guo, Jong-Long
Hu, Chiu-Chu
Keywords: 內部行銷
Internal Marketing
Integrated Care
Importance-Performance Analysis
Impact-Asymmetric Analysis
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 目的:本研究旨在了解醫療團隊對於內部行銷的觀點,以醫療團隊之內部行銷在各構面的重要性及執行現況的相對位置,提供管理者擬定服務品質改善項目優先順序的參考,以探討如何改善內部行銷構面的策略。 方法:以執行整合照護專案之醫療團隊為對象,採問卷調查法,共120份問卷。資料以描述性統計分析、重要性-績效表現分析(IPA)、因素分析、非對稱影響分析(IAA)等統計方法進行分析。 結果:因素分析結果萃取2大類因子,命名為「工具型策略」及「價值型策略」,根據非對稱影響分析(IAA)結果,「工具型策略」中有2項屬性為非對稱低滿意度及高度影響力表示應優先改善的項目,分別為:「專案推動初期,新增工作項目之時間花費以彈性工時計算」、「提供適當軟硬體,將專案所需之工作表單與流程融入原有業務」;「價值型策略」中有2項屬性為非對稱高滿意度及低度影響力表示現況執行良好的項目,分別為:「公開表揚執行專案的工作人員」、「充分說明專案與科部發展的關係」。 結論:提供優質服務是醫院的重要目標,因此了解醫療團隊對於所提供服務內容與實際執行現況的看法是必要的,預期研究成果可做為促進內部員工執行整合照護時所應提供的支援策略之重要參考,藉以提升服務品質。
Objective:The purpose of this study is to assess the medical care team’s opinion of the internal marketing. The relative status based on the importance of each aspect and implementation for the internal marketing explores how the mangers can improve the internal marketing strategy; besides, it can provide them to prioritize service quality improvement for their healthcare programs. Methods: The subject of the study was medical teams in integrated care programs. The survey method used was questionnaire. 120 questionnaires were collected. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistical analysis, importance-performance analysis(IPA), factor analysis, impact-asymmetric analysis(IAA) ,etc. Results: Two factors including Tool Strategy and Value Strategy have been extracted by factor analysis. According to impact-asymmetric analysis (IAA), two of the tool strategies are asymmetric low satisfaction but high impact and they should be improved first. The two programs are explained as follows: At the beginning of the implementation of the program, the extra time added should be calculated by flexible hours. In addition, provide hardware and software to integrate the work-froms and work flow required for the program into the business. Two of the value strategies indicating that the current situation is well implemented are asymmetric high satisfaction but low impact. The two programs are: Praise the staff for implementing the program in public. Also, fully explain the relationship between the program and the development of the department.” Conclusion: Supplying quality service is an important goal for hospitals. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the medical team’s view on the service supplied and the implementation situation. It’s expected that the study can be used as an important reference for internal staff to provide supporting strategy when they implement integrated care and further enhance service quality.
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