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Title: 新北市高中學生使用智慧型手機的生活型態及自覺身心健康相關因素之探討
Factors Associated with Lifestyle and Self-Rated Health of Smart Phone-Using Among the Senior High School Students in New Taipei City
Authors: 胡益進
Hu, Yi-Jin
Liao, Yung
Ho, Wan-I
Keywords: 智慧型手機
Smart phone
Self-rated health
Senior high school student
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討高中學生基本資料與使用智慧型手機的生活型態與自覺身心健康相關因素之探討。本研究採問卷調查方式,以新北市105學年度某高中學生為母群體,採分層抽樣法抽樣出12個班級, 有效問卷為425份。歸納結果如下: 男生對於使用智慧型手機的生活型態影響較大,女生對使用智 慧型手機的自覺身心健康影響較大。高三使用智慧型手機在學業成就方面影響大於高一。成績較差的在使用智慧型手機對生活品質與人際關係影響皆大於成績優的。平均夜晚睡眠時間少於六小時者,在使用智慧型手機對時間管理有較大影響。 週間上課日、週末假日每日使用智慧型手機時間越高者在整體使用智慧型手機的生活型態的各層面與總量表影響越多。是否自覺為低頭族、週間上課日平均每日使用智慧型手機時間與智慧型手機依賴量表對於使用智慧型手機的生活型態的自覺身心健康狀態有顯著影響。 研究對象基本資料與手機使用情形對因使用智慧型手機的生活 型態、自覺身心健康關係之預測力達顯著水準,解釋量分別為為49.5%與25.4%。 建議成人可作為使用智慧型手機的模範,培養廣泛的興趣,在未來研究也可使用質性訪談調查,更能深入了解青少年使用智慧型手機的相關性。
The purpose of this study was to examine the factors associated with lifestyle and self-rated health of smart phone use among the senior high school students in new taipei city.The study population was targeted at the students who are located in New Taipei city in 1st term, 2016. The sampling method adapted stratified random sampling with 12 classes. The valid samples, acquired, was 425 in total. The result of the study was summarized as below: Gender dimension, male had higher impact on lifestyle for smart phone-using, but female had higher impact on self-rated health from smart phone-using.Seniority dimension, the third year had higher impact on academic achievement than the first year due to smart phone-using.On school performance achievements, because of the smart phone-using, the poor performance had higher impact than the excellent performance on quality of life and interpersonal relationship. The average of sleeping time who has less than 6 hours had higher impact on time management due to smart phone-using.The more time using on smart phone, the more impact on lifestyle.Whether consciously for the bow family, average time on smart phone-using on school day and smartphone-dependence scale had statistical significance on lifestyle and self-rated health. Personal background factors and smart phone-using situations were significant factors that accounted for 49.5% and 29.4% of lifestyle and self-rated health. It is recommended that adults be as a model for smart-phone using. People should cultivate a wide range of interests.In the future studies can also use qualitative interviews to better understand the relevance of teenagers using smartphones.
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