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Title: 乳癌術後重建手術對患者身體心像與性生活滿意度之影響
Effects of Breast Reconstruction Surgery on Breast Cancer Patients’ Body Image and Sexuality Satisfaction
Authors: 張鳳琴
Chang, Fong-Ching
Peng, Hsin-Yi
Keywords: 乳癌
Breast cancer
breast reconstruction surgery
body image
sexuality satisfaction
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 摘要 本研究採前、後測研究設計,針對乳癌患者探討乳房重建手術對乳癌術後患者身體心像與性生活滿意度之影響。研究對象為北區某醫學中心經醫師診斷為乳癌之患者,實驗組為乳房全切除術後有進行乳房重建手術之患者15位,對照組為乳房全切除術後未進行乳房重建手術患者15位參與研究。資料收集採自填問卷方式,研究對象於術前、術後兩個月進行身體心像與性生活滿意度調查。本研究結果發現乳房重建手術對於乳癌患者身體心像的維持有正面的效果,而乳房重建手術對於乳癌患者的性生活滿意度無顯著的影響。建議臨床治療單位可以將重建手術列入乳癌治療建議的項目,以維持乳癌患者良好的身體心像感受。
Abstract This study examined the effects of breast reconstruction surgery on body image and sexuality satisfaction of breast cancer patients. Participants included 30 patients with breast cancer from a medical center of the Northern Taiwan. A total of 15 patients enrolled in the experimental group received breast reconstruction surgery after total mastectomy, while 15 patients enrolled in the control group did not received breast reconstruction surgery after total mastectomy. Participant patients completed a self-administered questionnaire before and after the surgery. The results indicated that breast reconstruction surgery had positive effect on maintaining patients’ body image, while breast reconstruction surgery had no significant effect on patients’ sexuality satisfaction. It is suggested that breast reconstruction treatment options should be included in breast cancer patients’ treatment plan to restore their body image.
Other Identifiers: G0000053116
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