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Title: 大學生的婚姻承諾之研究
The Marriage Commitment of College Students
Authors: 林如萍
Lin, Ju-Ping
Liao, Wan-Ju
Keywords: 婚姻承諾
marriage commitment
college students
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討大學生對婚姻的承諾,並進一步分析個人與家庭背景變項、交往經驗等對婚姻承諾之影響。研究採問卷調查法,改編Adams和Jones(1997)發展的「承諾量表」,針對就讀國內公私立大專院校的學生進行調查,有效樣本數共計610份。主要研究發現如下: 一、整體來說,大學生對婚姻承諾之程度偏向「普通」,並且對不同婚姻承諾之面向有所不同。其中,以「對配偶的承諾」最高,其次依序為「子女牽絆考量」、「對婚姻的承諾」,最低則為「外在社會壓力」。 二、「性別」、「交往經驗」、「知覺父母婚姻關係之親密程度」對於婚姻承諾有顯著的預測力。男性、有交往經驗者、知覺父母婚姻關係愈親密者,持有較高的婚姻承諾。 最後,本研究根據研究結果,針對未來研究、大學課程,以及婚前教育課程三方面,分別提出具體建議。
The purpose of this paper is to discuss college students’ marriage commitment and make clear the effect of personal/family demographic variables and dating experience. A questionnaire survey was conducted on college students, who are currently study in college in Taiwan. Looked into the research done by Adams and Jones (1997) for inspiration and adopted its questionnaire “The Dimensions of Commitment Inventory,DCI” for measuring the marriage commitment of college students. The effective samples which were purposed acquired through stratified sampling for proportions are 610. The major findings are presented as follows: 1.Overall, the college students were inclined to common marriage commitment, and the different degree from marriage commitment different elements. The respondents own the “Commitment to Spouse” commitment the most, and then sequence is “bound of children” and “Commitment to Marriage”. Lowest, is “Feelings of Entrapment” 2.On the whole, “gender” and “dating experience” had significant effect on marriage commitment. In other words, men held more marriage commitment than the women; had dating experience held more marriage commitment than who had no dating experience; students’ perception of parents’ marital relationship was more intimate held more marriage commitment than students’ perception of parents’ marital relationship was not intimate. According to the findings, suggestions for future researches, college programs, and premarital education programs are addressed.
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