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Title: 中年人手足規範態度與手足互動之研究
Sibling Relationships in Middle-aged People: the Norm and Interaction
Authors: 林如萍
Ju-Ping Lin
Chiu-Hua Huang
Keywords: 中年人
middle-aged people
sibling norm
sibling interaction
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討中年人的手足規範態度與互動關係。研究採取問卷調查法,針對40-64歲的中年人為對象,以立意取樣的方式獲得有效樣本483份。主要之研究發現如下:一、 在手足規範態度方面,受訪者對手足規範之認同程度很高,且男性的認同程度顯著高於女性。但男性與女性所認同之規範項目則有所不同,男性較同意「長幼份際」與「分產」的規範,而女性則傾向同意情感支持與相互協助之項目。 二、 中年手足互動狀況,以見面、打電話等接觸最為常見,手足衝突與競爭則是鮮少發生,此外,支持行為則是以「提供意見、資訊」較多。 三、 在手足互動方面,中年女性與手足之接觸與支持顯著高於男性,女性確實扮演著手足關係「連結者」的角色。 四、 影響中年男性與女性手足互動之因素中,「居住距離」影響了中年女性手足接觸與支持的機會,也是造成衝突與競爭的可能。 五、 中年人的手足規範態度是造成手足接觸與相互支持的主因,但相對手足規範態度認同程度越高,也使中年男性與手足之競爭增加。
The purpose of this paper is to investigate sibling relationships in middle-aged people in terms of the norm and interaction through a survey of samples aged 40-64. A total of 483 in middle-aged people were recovered through purposive sampling. Findings of the study indicate: 1. In the attitude towards sibling norm, respondents have a high identification of sibling relationships, and the identification of males is significantly higher than that of females, despite the fact that the identification items between genders are different. Males care more about the norms of seniority and asset division; while females concern more about emotional support and mutual assistance. 2. In the condition of sibling interaction, reunions and calling are the most common contacts, and sibling conflicts and competition rarely happen. Moreover, ‘advice and information’ is the rather common form of mutual support. 3. In sibling interactions, contact and support among siblings in females are significantly greater than that of males, suggesting that females play a better role as the ‘liaison’ among siblings in middle-aged people. 4. Among all factors affecting sibling interactions in middle-aged males and females, ‘living distance’ is the major factor affecting the contact and support in female siblings and the potential cause of conflicts and competitions. 5. The attitude towards sibling norm is the major factor attributing to sibling contact and support in middle-aged people. However, the level of identification of sibling norm is also the cause of sibling competition in middle-aged males.
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