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Title: 教師期望與幼兒經驗之探究
A Study of Teacher Expectation and Children Experience
Authors: 廖鳳瑞
Keywords: 教師期望
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 近年許多探究內師生互動的研究逐漸聚焦於教室內的細膩運作,其研究發現披露了教室內複雜的運作脈絡,基於此,本研究採觀察與訪談師生的方式,以幼稚園一名老師與十六名幼兒的大班為對象,嘗試分析教師期望的來源、了解幼兒對教師期望的主觀知覺與經驗詮釋。本研究的主要發現及建議如下: 一、教師清楚知覺自身的期望與對待,並有意識的實踐: 老師的信念受能力天命論、團體主義、對未來社會的想像與公平正義影響。這些理念構成了班級生活的基本架構且與葉老師生命經驗關係密切。 二、教師的期望與對待因幼兒的能力有所不同,進一步牽動不同能力的幼兒發展: 老師會因孩子的不同能力反映在教學安排上,如難度不同的作業量、座位安排、教學重點與在班級常規要求。 三、幼兒對教師期望與對待的知覺與表現因個別能力而有差異: 不同能力的幼兒對教師期望和對待存在知覺差異,能力高者較能夠看穿老師的意圖,能力弱者受限於認知能力,傾向接受老師的說法。 四、不同性別的幼兒在教師的期望與對待脈絡下的優劣勢問題--女孩表現易受稱讚,男孩易受責罵: 教室規定隱含了對特定性別特質的偏好。男生因易違反規定常受罰,女生因易遵守規定常受稱讚。且男生能覺察到自己比女生獲得更多責罵與處罰。 本研究針對上述發現加以討論,並提出對教師及未來研究的建議。
Nowadays the researches in how the teachers and students interact are gradually focusing on the delicate operation of the classroom, such as the influence of teacher expectation of students, teachers’ treatments of different students, and students’ experiences of schooling. However, according to previous studies, it is worrisome that whether teachers are able to perceive their own expectation. Thus, this research aims to probe the origin of teacher expectation and to understand children’s subjective and experimental interpretations of such expectation. The subjects of this research are a kindergarten teacher and sixteen children, by observing their interaction and interviewing them to obtain both sides’ views. The following are the main discoveries of this research: I. The teacher clearly knows her own expectation and treatments, and consciously carry them out. The teacher’s beliefs are influenced by genius, collectivism and imagination of the future society and justice. Those beliefs consist of the basic structure of the class living and are closely connected with the teacher’s life experiences. II. Teacher expectation differs from children of unequal talents, which encourages different abilities of children development. The teacher adjusts the course design in accordance with kids’ unequal abilities, such as the levels of tasks, seat arrangement, lesson objectives and demands for class behavior. III. Children of unequal abilities react differently to teacher expectation. Children of unequal talents perceive differently the teacher expectation and treatments. Those of higher aptitude can read the teacher’s mind, whereas those of lower aptitude tend to accept teacher’s instructions because of restricted conscious ability. IV. Gender difference arises from such teacher expectation and treatments—Girls are praised more where boys are often to blame. Class regulations imply the preference for a certain gender. Because usually violating rules, boys are often to blame. Contrarily, because meekly obeying the regulations, girls receive the teacher’s applause. In addition, boys perceive that they are much more easily chidden and punished than girls. With the above-mentioned findings, this research provides suggestions for teachers and future studies.
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