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Title: 新制半年幼稚園實習教師實習困擾與因應策略之研究
Authors: 林育瑋
Keywords: 新制實習制度
new practicum system
problems for practicing
coping strategies
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 實習制度在民國91 年修訂《師資培育法》後,有了許多重大的改變,而目前針對新制幼稚園實習老師的相關研究並不多,本研究旨在瞭解三位新制幼稚園實習老師的實習工作內容,以及其在實習期間所遭遇的困擾與因應策略。 本研究採質性研究的方式進行,研究者透過觀察、訪談、文件蒐集與研究者的札記等方式來蒐集資料。本研究主要有以下幾點結論: 一、 新制幼稚園實習老師的實習工作內容,與舊制幼稚園實習老師相比較發現其中的差異不大;但是三位實習老師的實習工作內容之間,則有相當大的差異。 二、 新制幼稚園實習老師的實習困擾,與舊制幼稚園實習老師相比較發現其中的差異不大,教學知能不足仍是所有實習老師共同遭遇之問題。 三、 新制上學期與下學期幼稚園實習老師的實習困擾的差異不大,影響實習困擾的原因為實習老師的人格特質、師資培育過程、實習目標及輔導老師的輔導方式有關,但選擇上學期或下學期實習與實習困擾並無太大的關係。 四、 新制幼稚園實習老師遭遇實習困擾所採取的因應策略,與舊制幼稚園實習老師相比較發現其中的差異不大,都是採取尋求支持、設法改變、自我調適三種策略。 根據研究發現,本研究針對幼稚園實習老師、師資培育機構、輔導老師以及未來研究提供相關建議。
After Teacher Education Law was amended in 2002, the practicum system had many major changes. Until now, there are few researches on kindergarten student teachers in new practicum system. The research was to understand practice contents, problems and coping strategies of the three kindergarten student teachers under new practicum system. The research adapted qualitative research approach. The data were collected through observations, interviews, document collection and the research jounal of the researcher. The major findings are as follows: 1. There were not many differences of practicum works between the new practicum system and the old, but the practice contents of three student teachers were quite different. 2. The practicing problems of the kindergarten teachers under new practicum system and those of old one are very similar. Lacking of teaching competence was still the common problem they encountered. 3. The practicing problems of kindergarten teachers in the first and the second semester were similar. The factors that affected practicing problems were student teachers’ personalities, the process of teacher education, the goals and plans of practicum practice and the supervisory ways of the cooperating teachers. 4. The coping strategies that the kindergarten teachers adopted while encounted the problems didn’t differ the old practicum system. They tended to seek for support, tried to change and adjust by themselves. According to the findings, the researcher provided suggestions for kindergarten student teachers, teacher education institutions, cooperating teachers and future researches.
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