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Title: 新成立私立托兒所所長工作困境與因應策略之研究
Difficulties at Work and Coping Strategies of Two Directors of New Private Daycare Centers
Authors: 林育瑋博士
Keywords: 新成立私立托兒所
new private daycare center
working difficulty
coping strategy
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究以兩位新成立私立托兒所所長為研究對象。透過深度訪談、參與觀察、文件蒐集與現場札記的方式,蒐集資料,藉以瞭解新成立私立托兒所所長工作內容、困境與因應策略的樣貌。本研究發現如下: 一、新成立私立托兒所所長之工作內容 私立托兒所所長的工作內容,可分為一般行政、教學與保育、人事、公共關係等四方面;本研究之兩位新成立私立托兒所所長在教學與保育上,因為個人理念與組織情境不同而於工作內容方面差異較大。 二、新成立私立托兒所所長之工作困境 兩位所長依照不同情境,產生共通的工作困境。包括有「招生問題」、「人事問題」、「課程與教學問題」;其中「人事問題」最讓兩位所長感到困擾。 三、新成立私立托兒所所長之因應策略 兩位新成立私立托兒所所長面對工作困境所採取的共通因應策略,最重要皆為「尋求支持團體協助」、「開源節流」、「以和為貴的處事風格」;而面對「提昇教學品質的方式」及「改善招生人數不足與不平均的方式」部分,因為所長的理念與職權不同呈現較大差異。 關鍵字:新成立私立托兒所、工作困境、因應策略
This study investigates the job responsibilities, difficulties at work, and coping strategies of two directors of new private daycare centers. In depth-interview and participant observation was made for data collection. The findings are as follows: 1. The responsibilities of the directors of private daycare centers can be divided into four categories: general administration, teaching, nursing, and public relations. The responsibilities in teaching and nursing can be very different for these two directors as a result of their different educational philosophy and organi-zation of the institution. 2. The two directors have common difficulties and dilemmas at work, which include recruiting problem, personnel issues, and problems in curriculum and teaching. The personnel issues are the most problematic. 3. The common coping strategies of the two directors are looking for support groups increasing income and decreasing expenditure, requesting and encouraging cooperation from faculty members. As to the two issues of improving the quality of teaching and in-creasing the enrollment of new students, the two directors hold different views because of their different philosophy and author-ity. Key words: new private daycare center, working difficulty, cop-ing strategy
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