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Title: 樹豆及其活性成分對於大鼠子宮收縮之影響
The effects of Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp. and its bioactive constituents on rat uterine contractions
Authors: 吳啟豪
Wu, Chi-Hao
Su, Wan-Ting
Keywords: 原發性經痛
Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp.
Prostaglandin F2α
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract:   原發性經痛 (primary dysmenorrhea)為子宮內膜分泌過多前列腺素F2α (prostaglandin F2α,PGF2α),刺激子宮平滑肌過度收縮而造成組織缺血所致。本研究選取臺灣原住民農作物樹豆 (Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp.)為試驗樣品,首先以不同比例之水及乙醇之溶劑進行萃取,探討上述各萃取物對於PGF2α誘導Sprague Dawley大鼠子宮平滑肌之收縮是否具緩解效果。鼠體子宮平滑肌收縮以八頻道偵測器搭配離體組織灌流裝置進行測定,同時以H&E Stain進行組織染色與病理判讀;進一步利用催產素誘導ICR小鼠扭體試驗探究樣品的陣痛效果。實驗結果顯示,樹豆及樹豆根之樣品以樹豆根50%乙醇萃取物 (CRE)表現36.8%之最佳抑制效果。進一步探討其次區分物活性。結果顯示,CRE之次區分物 : 95%乙醇萃取樹豆根 (CRE-E95)可顯著降低PGF2α、oxytocin、carbachol及acetylcholine所誘導之子宮收縮,亦能顯著抑制KCl所誘導之子宮強直性收縮,與Bay K8644 (L型鈣離子通道活化劑)所誘導的子宮收縮。組織病理學檢查顯示,與催產素組相比,利用CRE預處理可顯著降低子宮平滑肌收縮。綜上所述,樹豆根可能具有緩解女性經痛之潛力。
Primary dysmenorrhea is a symptom causes by excessive levels of prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) secreted by endometrium, which leads smooth muscle of uterine over contraction and insufficient blood flow to cause ischemia and pain. This study aimed to investigate the modulatory effects of Taiwan aboriginal crop: Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp. on uterine contraction and its possible underlying mechanisms. First, we extracted Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp. with different proportions of water and ethanol to investigate which proportion has the better effect of relieving uterine smooth muscle contraction induced by PGF2α in Sprague Dawley rats. Rat uterine smooth muscle contraction was detected with 8-Channel multi-valve perfusion system. At the same time, H&E stain was used for tissue staining and pathological interpretation. Furthermore, in order to investigate the effect of extracts on pain relieving, we used oxytocin to induced ICR mice uterine contraction as the model. The results showed that 50% ethanol extraction of Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp. root (CRE) had the best inhibition (36.8%) of uterine smooth muscle contraction effect. Further, we found out that the activity of the secondary partition, 95% ethanol extraction of Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp. root (CRE-E95) significantly reduced uterine contraction induced by PGF2α, oxytocin, carbachol and acetylcholine, and also significantly inhibited KCl and BayK8644 (L-type calcium channel activator) induced uterine tonic contraction and uterine excessive contraction. Histopathological examination showed pretreatment with CRE can significantly decrease uterine smooth muscle contractions when compared with the oxytocin group. In conclusion, Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp. root may have the impact on improved primary dysmenorrhea.
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