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Title: 國小種子教師在學校推動家庭教育課程之經驗研究
A Study on the Seed Teachers’ Experiences of Promoting Family Life Education in the Elementary Schools.
Authors: 黃迺毓
Huang, Nai-Yu
Chiu, Yun-Chih
Keywords: 種子教師
seed teacher
family life education
teacher professional growth
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究參與青少年幸福家庭課程種子教師在學校推動家庭教育之經驗,以深度訪談法訪談六位參與培訓之新北市國小教師,從教師專業成長的角度探討種子教師在培訓前、後在學校推動家庭教育的歷程變化。研究主要發現如下: 一、在青少年幸福家庭教育課程培訓前,種子教師以自身家庭的經驗、學經歷及實務工作上的背景經驗,來建構自己在學校推動家庭教育的能力;種子教師多依賴自己的摸索和對家庭教育的認定,於學校進行家庭教育的推動,缺乏系統性和完整性。家庭教育增能管道的不足,也讓種子教師難以強化自身的家庭教育知能。 二、在青少年幸福家庭教育課程培訓後,種子教師因著對家庭教育專業成長的需求感,態度從消極到積極;家庭教育課程技能的習得,讓種子教師有身體力行的和反思的機會;除了來自學生課程中的持續回饋鼓勵,種子教師再次肯定同儕與行政組織的支持,雁行的力量勝於單飛;藉由提升了自己家庭教育知能的專業,體會到家庭教育的價值,種子教師更願意化被動為主動,持續、完整有系統在學校推動家庭教育,賦予未來學校推動家庭教育更多的期待和可能性。
The purpose of this study was to discover the seed teachers’ experiences on promoting family life education in the elementary schools from the concept of teachers’ professional growth. The research method used in this study will be qualitative research which invited 6 elementary school teachers from New Taipei City, who joined the family life education training program to do the in-depth interview. This study had discussed the changes of professional growth in before the seed teachers training and promoting the family life education after training. The results of this study were as below: 1. The seed teachers had to construct their ability from their family, studies and work experiences for promoting the family life education before the training program. Moreover, the seed teacher had to rely on their own exploration and identification of family life education. These context experiences would also impact seed teachers promoting family life education in the elementary schools. Due to insufficient training and the lack of systematic and integrity in the family life education curricula, it is difficult for seed teachers to strengthen their competencies for promoting the family life education courses. 2. Because of the professional growth needs in family life education, the seed teachers had turned their attitudes from negative to positive after they finished the training program. Furthermore, the training program had better equipped, empowered and motivated the seed teachers which would reflect in their approach to promote and implement the much needed family life education in the classrooms. Despite of students’ positive feedback from the classes, the support from the peer relationships and the administration were also important. With the help from the family life education training program, the seed teachers had enhanced their professional competencies and realized the values of promoting family life education in the elementary schools that they would have greater willingness to promote family life education when they taught the courses. We could expect the further development and the possibility on promoting family life education in the elementary schools.
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