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Title: 逆風的祝福-原住民經濟弱勢單親家庭之青少年的復原力展現
Touch of the Blessing-Resilience of Aboriginal Adolescents in Economically Disadvantaged Single-Parent Families
Authors: 林如萍
Lin, Ju-Ping
Tsai, Yi-Jen
Keywords: 復原力
single-parent family
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討原住民經濟弱勢單親家庭之青少年的生命經驗,及其復原力發展的過程。本研究以質性研究之敘事探究為研究取向,深度訪談六位經濟弱勢單親家庭之原住民青少年,從復原力的觀點探討個人與環境的互動關係,分析復原力過程如何發展以獲得正向適應。主要研究結果如下: 本研究發現原住民經濟弱勢單親家庭之青少年的逆境分為四個類型:經濟問題、情緒困擾、親職化壓力以及人際疏離,而促進其展現復原力的保護因子來自「個人」與「環境」二個層面,個人保護因子包括:正向信念、互惠利他行為與自我效能;再者,家庭、學校及社區亦發揮極大地保護作用,環境保護因子包括:家人關懷與支持、家庭凝聚力、師長與同儕的正向支持、部落凝聚與信仰的啟發。青少年的復原力過程,乃是藉由獲得家人情感支持、轉變認知與依靠信仰的力量以重塑逆境經驗,或開展生活目標感、人際互助行動與追尋自我認同等積極因應,發展出對抗逆境的能力。 最後,本研究依據研究結果針對家庭教育、學校輔導以及未來研究提出建議以供參考。
The study aims to investigate the life experience and the resilience process of aboriginal adolescents from whom was in economically disadvantaged single-parent families. This study used narrative study direction of qualitative study, and in-depth interview six disadvantaged aboriginal adolescents. Through resilience perspective, investigating the interaction between individual and environment, so as to understand how resilience process could be operated to obtain positive adaptation. The results are as follows: The results indicated that the aboriginal adolescents may encounter four types of adversities: economic problem, emotionaldistress, parentification, and interpersonal alienation. And two aspects of protective factors in this study: the personal protective factors include positive beliefs, reciprocal altruism and self efficacy. Besides, the family, school and community bring them great protection: the environmental factors include family warmth and support, family cohesiveness, positive teacher influences, supportive peers, the ethnic culture and religion. They perceive and reframe adversities from obtaining family support, cognitive restructuring and religion. Thus, they can active coping with the situation through developing objectives, cooperate with each other and pursuing ego identity. The results show that they have protective factors and develop the ability of resilience to overcome the adversities. Finally, the investigator provides some suggestions concerning family life education, school guidance and research directions.
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