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Title: 高中男生父職角色課程發展之研究
Fathering Curricular Research and Development on High School Male Students
Authors: 魏秀珍
Wei, Hsiu-Chen
Weng, Ruo-Yi
Keywords: 高中男生
High School Male Students
Fathering Education
Instructional System Design
Experiential learning circle
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究為針對高中男性學生,以行動研究方式,發展出一套父職角色經營課程,目的在促進高中男生對於父職角色意義的覺知,並且能提出對父職課程教學有助之建議。 本研究依據ISD系統化教學設計,先分析教學現場與學生需求後,經由文獻分析課程設計主題,進行課程設計及專家審核。發展出完整課程後,在K中實施,以高一35位學生作為實施對象,課程共計六週,分別為「爸爸去哪兒?」、「性別辯不辯」、「理財管理來持家」、「心繫愛成家」、「同理你和我」、「演出愛成家」。過程中蒐集上課紀錄、學生成果與心得、學生回饋與省思、教師省思與紀錄、同儕教師觀察表來進行分析。 研究者分析資料後,得以下結論:「以ISD系統化教學設計開發父職角色經營課程適合高中男生學習」、「父職角色經營課程對高中男生在父職角色意義、性別平權觀念、正向溝通與同理的意識感有所影響」。研究者也針對研究結論,提出對於教學者、課程、與未來相關研究者的建議。
This study is about how to research and development fathering curricular on high school male students. The purpose of this study is promoting high school male students for the role of fathering awareness, and making useful recommendations for fathering education. Following process of Instructional System Design (ISD), first, analysis needs of school and students, then design theme of curriculum through the reference, and experts check the curriculum. The curriculum implement with 35 students on High School K. During six weeks, We have the following program: “Where is Daddy?”, “Gender Debate”, “Money Management”, “communication with family”, “My Empathy”, and “family drama”. At the same times, we collected records, student’s achievement and experience, feedback and reflection of students, teacher’s reflection record, peer teacher’s observe for analysis. Based on analyses from this study, our results indicated: It is good for high school male students on designing fathering curriculum with ISD; The fathering curriculum have good effect on the meaning of fathering, gender equality, and positive communication and empathy. Finally, the results of this study were used to provide recommendations for teachers, curriculum, and future studies.
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