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Title: 幼稚園教師運用圖畫書發展教學活動歷程之個案研究
A Case Study of the Process on Kindergarten Teachers Applying Picture Books to Expand Teaching Activities.
Authors: 林育瑋
Keywords: 幼稚園教師
kindergarten teacher
picture book
teacher's perspective
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解幼稚園教師運用圖畫書發展教學活動的歷程,並分析教師運用圖畫書的觀點及影響此教學歷程的因素。為達本研究目的,採取質化研究方式,選擇綠地附幼彩虹班兩位教師為研究參與者,透過參與觀察、訪談、相關文件等方式蒐集資料。本研究主要發現如下: 1.彩虹班教師運用圖畫書的歷程 兩位教師依循相似步驟進行每個單元:由單元開始前的教學會 議,對單元內容獲得粗略輪廓;續以單元書開場,然後按照單元書 延伸的小單元,運用相關圖畫書設計涵蓋六大領域的教學活動;最 後在全園教學觀摩之後,結束整個單元。 2.彩虹班教師運用圖畫書的觀點 (1)圓老師運用圖畫書的觀點包括:「圖畫書具有重要價值」、 「圖畫書是方便使用的媒材」、「圖畫書適合引發幼兒的學習興 趣」。 (2)珍老師運用圖畫書的觀點包括:「圖畫書具有重要價值」、 「圖畫書適合引發幼兒的學習興趣」。 (3)兩位教師運用圖畫書的觀點反映在教學實務之中。 (4)圖畫書在彩虹班的運用主要是引起幼兒的學習興趣,並非做為 教學設計的基礎;且兩位老師在運用圖畫書時,較以教導圖畫 書內容中知識方面的概念較多,較少傳遞圖畫書中有關人格情 意的意涵。 3.影響彩虹班教師運用圖畫書教學的因素 (1)影響彩虹班教師運用圖畫書的因素有:教師本身興趣、教師運 用圖畫書的觀點、教學檢討、幼兒對圖畫書的回應、教師搭 檔、園內支持系統、園所節慶活動等。其中又以教師溝通搭檔 狀況為彩虹班是否能運作出順暢、多元教學活動之重要因素。 (2)以上各個影響因素分別對兩位教師造成不同程度的影響,且對 彩虹班在運用圖畫書上產生正向支持或負向干擾。 最後,依據研究結果對幼稚園教師、舉辦圖畫書研習之機構,及未來研究者提出相關建議。
The purpose of the research is to understand the process on kindergarten teachers expanding teaching activities by picture books , analyze the perspectives of teachers applying picture books, and find out the factors which affect the teaching process. In order to meet all the research purposes, the qualitative approach is used in this research and two teachers are chosen as my informants in the rainbow class of the Greenland elementary school affiliated kindergarten. Through participant-observation, interviews and relevant documents, the researcher collects all the information needed. The main findings include: 1.The process of the two teachers applying picture books follows the similar steps:gaining understanding from the unit meeting before the formal teaching; using the core book to introduce, following the sub-subjects, and expanding six fields teaching activities by relevant picture books; lastly, ending up unit after whole kindergarten teaching demonstration. 2. Two teachers’ perspectives of applying picture books (1)Ms. Yuan’s perspectives of using picture books are as following:picture books have important value, picture books are as a handy media, picture books are good to motivate kids’ learning. (2)Ms. Jane’s perspectives of using picture books are as following:picture books have important value , picture books are good to motivate kids’ learning. (3)The perspectives of using picture books by the two teachers in the rainbow class reflect in their daily teaching. (4)The two teachers apply picture books as a media to attract children’s learning interests, not as the base to expand teaching activities, and they teach knowledge concepts more than the moral meaning in picture books. 3. The factors affecting teachers applying picture books (1)The factors which impact the teaching process are teacher’s interest, the perspectives of the teachers applying picture books, teacher’s reflection, the children’s response, teacher’s cooperation, support system from the kindergarten, and the festival activities. (2)Teacher’s cooperation is the important factor which impacts the teachers to operate teaching activities smoothly and plentifully in the rainbow class. (3)Different factors cause different degree effects on the two teachers and bring positive support or negative disturbance on applying picture books in the rainbow class. In the end, the researcher follows the outcome of this research to put forward some relevant suggestions to kindergarten teachers as well as the institutions which hold seminars and workshops about picture books, and future researchers.
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