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Title: 一位幼教教師同儕互動之自我敘說
A Self-Narrative of One Preschool Teacher’s Peer Interaction.
Authors: 林育瑋
Keywords: 教師互動
teacher interaction
peer interaction
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在敘說身為教師的我與同儕互動的歷程,藉此探討同儕互動的酸甜苦辣、所遭遇的挑戰,以及面對這些挑戰之因應策略。 本研究採敘說研究的取向,以在幼兒園服務二十餘年的我為研究主體,自我敘說職涯歷程中與同儕在教學上與行政上互動的經驗點滴。期待藉由自我故事的敘說,重新認識自己,以從中得到成長與省思,俾使在教育專業的建構中蓄積前進的力量。同時藉由我的敘說讓大家知道我在同儕互動歷程中面對不同的挑戰時,我是如何去調適自己,如何與同儕溝通以及採取不同的因應策略。本研究主要資料來源為自己的教學日誌、省思札記以及與他人的非正式訪談。本自我敘說研究發現如下:(一)遇到與同儕理念不合時,我會以積極傾聽、包容與同理的態度主動與對方溝通問題。(二)在我與同儕之間的溝通與協調無法達成一致共識後,我不會刻意去碰觸彼此之間的相異點。(三)因為搭班對象頻繁更換,使我經常花費許多時間與對方磨合,但我會尊重她們不同的教學理念。(四)擔任主任行政工作時,我會以同理心主動調和教師與行政人員的立場差異,並盡可能給予同儕們較多的教學自主空間。 以前的我與同儕搭班時常忽略了事前與對方的相互瞭解與溝通,就容易在事事後產生許多心理疙瘩。現在的我認為,同儕的「衝突」對幼兒園教師來說是一個成長的機會,讓我重新檢視彼此的互動關係,反思自己的不足,並與對方重新取得共識與包容。藉由自我敘說,我分享我透過向對方坦露自己感受、同理對方、溝通與協調,進行同儕互動,以降低衝突之發生,共同促進教學理想的實踐。期待此研究可以提供幼教工作者的參考與啟發。
This study was to narrative my interaction with my peers. There were a lot of the ups and downs of peer interaction challenges in my over twenty-year teaching experiences. I would explore my challenges, and how to cope with these challenges, how to adjust myself and adapt coping strategies encountering different challenges. This study adopted with narrative analysis approach. I was the research participant. My story revealed the process of interaction with peers in my teaching careers. Through this self-narrative study, I really hope I can understand myself in depth and reflect my professional development in order to move forward. In the study, I collected my instruction diary and reflection journal, and doing informal interviews with peers. The main finding were as follows: (1). While there were diversities in teaching ideology between I and cooperating teacher, I usually actively interact with her, and be considerate, empathic and patient. (2).When I failed to reach a consensus with the peers after communication, I wouldn’t pay attention to our difference between us. (3). Owing to the frequent changes with cooperating teachers, it was needed for me to spend much time and energy to adjust myself to deal with teaching issues in the classroom. (4). When I was a part-time or full-time administrator, I always put empathy on reconciling the differences between instruction and administration, and tried my best to provide my peers more teaching autonomy. From doing this self-narrative study, I found that I often ignored the mutual understanding and communication with my peers in advance in the past, which easily led to mental dissatisfaction with each other. At present, I believe the “conflict” between the peers may be a good chance for us to mutually develop and help children to grow. I really hope that through my self-narrative study, early childhood teachers would learn how to deal with peer interaction challenges and apply effective strategies to these challenges.
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