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Title: 邁向師生共享幽默圖畫書之旅~幼兒幽默反應與教師引導策略之探究
To the journey of humorous sharing between a preschool teacher and the children
Authors: 簡淑真
Chien, Shu-Chen
Lin, Tzu-Ting
Keywords: 圖畫書幽默表現手法
The means of humor on picture books
Humorous reaction
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究目的在於了解師生共讀圖畫書活動時,教師與幼兒對圖畫書幽默表現手法的幽默反應差異,讓教師透過引導策略的運用,幫助幼兒覺察原先未覺察的幽默表現手法,藉此達成師生共享圖畫書中的幽默樂趣。 研究對象為研究者任教班級中八位大班幼兒,研究者先分析幽默表現手法的類型,再依據各項幽默表現手法定義內涵,自教育部計畫案中的「百本好書送幼兒園」書單中,篩選六本含有最多幽默表現手法類型的圖畫書,利用放學後的時間進行師生共讀圖畫書的活動。 接著將研究蒐集的資料進行比較與分析,探究教師引導策略對幼兒幽默反應的影響,研究結果發現幼兒對圖畫書中的幽默表現手法覺察受到生活經驗的影響,教師的引導策略包括「說出圖像」、「補充文意」與「語調變化」,由教師合宜地使用引導策略可增加幼兒對書中幽默表現手法的幽默反應,並拓展幼兒的幽默經驗。
The main purpose of this study is to explore the different response to the expression of humor between teacher and children in shared reading picture books. In order to help young children awarding the humor expression which they did not award before, teacher use strategies to achieve the fun of humor in shared reading. The researchers selected six picture books full of humorous expressions and the study objects was eight 6-year-old children, taking activities in teacher-student sharing picture books after school time. By comparing and analyzing the collected data of teacher-student sharing picture books activities to explore the effects in teacher’s strategies on children's humorous response. The result shows that children’s humorous expression in picture books is affected by life experience themselves an teacher could affect the children's humorous response and improve children’s humorous experiences by teacher’s strategies.
Other Identifiers: G0000062115
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