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Title: 以修讀學位為目的之外籍生華語文養成課程設計與教學實施
The Course Design and Implementation on Chinese as a Second Language for Academic Purposes in Taiwan
Authors: 信世昌
Shu, Jaw-Min
Keywords: 華語文教學(對外漢語教學)
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Academic Purposes
Course Design
Action Research
Learning Skills
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract:   近幾年前來臺灣以修讀學位為目的的國際學生不斷增加,已達一萬多人。這些學生來臺灣攻讀學位,他們大多數華語文能力屬初級程度,而學術目的的華語文,並不同於華語文中心的華文課,他們在入學之前也未接受過專門的中文學術學習訓練,入學之後產生適應不良者時有所聞。本論文從課程設計的方面出發,探討並規劃以修讀學位為目的之外籍生的華語文養成課程。課程的特色為針對來臺修讀學位為目的的國際學生,教學內容為了提升其學科學習的華語文能力以及培養學習技能,俾使其能在華人的學術環境下學習與進修,並取得學位。   本研究在課程執行之前,就相關文獻分析後,分為以下幾個階段: 一、了解國際學生在臺灣就學時,華語文學習的需求調查分析。 二、確立學習需求,蒐集學習內容之語料與學習主題。 三、規劃此養成課程與輔導人員之安排。 四、進行循環教學行動研究,並對課程規劃反省修正。 五、彙整教學資料與記錄,評估教學成效。 經過四個學期的課程教學實施後,本研究獲得以下幾項成果: 一、國際學生之華語文養成課程的需求調查及分析結果 二、確定本養成課程之教學內容與主題 三、編寫本養成課程之教材與學習資料 四、學科學習技能與策略融入本課程之教材篇章 五、本養成課程之教學成效良好,足為相關課程設置之參考。 基於研究結果,本研究整合意見後提出以下建議: 一、本養成課程應採學分設課。 二、分區跨校共同開設本課程。 三、各校宜訂定國際學生之個別化修課辦法,並提供類似的養成課程。 四、應關心國際學生之生活適應狀況與學科學習能力。 五、相關單位應研發此類養成課程之教材與學習資源。
There are over 10 thousand foreign students come to Taiwan these years around for the purpose of pursuing an academic degree. They come to Taiwan for furthering their study; however, their Chinese proficiency is almost novice level. Chinese for academic purposes is different from the primary Chinese course at the Chinese Language Center. Besides, before entering universities, they had not received specialized Chinese for academic learning and training. Thus, it is common to see many of foreign students run into difficulties during their studies. The developed course focuses on the foreign students for diplomas, and instructs them Chinese for general academic purposes accompanied with learning skills for studies. This paper based on the curriculum design, to develop the pre-sessional course for foreign students. In this study, before implementation and after literature analysis, there are following research phases undergoing: 1. to understand Chinese language learning needs analysis of foreign students. 2. to collect a corpus of learning Chinese contents and topics for academic purposes. 3. to develop the curriculum and arrange learning assistants. 4. to do the action research and the correction of curriculum planning. 5. to collect the record and data of teaching and learning materials and to assess the effectiveness of teaching. By the implementation of the four semesters of teaching, the following results are attained:1. the need analysis and survey of Chinese for general academic purposes for foreign students. 2. to determine the contents and topics of the course. 3. to develop teaching texts and learning materials. 4. to merge the learning skills and strategies into the textbook and its teaching. 5. The course of teaching is working well enough for the reference of the sort of curriculum. The findings derived from this action research suggest that: 1. The pre-sessional course should have got college credits 2. Partition Taiwan district of universities and cooperate to develop the course with each other. 3. Detailed the enrollment and study regulation, and provide the course for foreign students. 4. The lives of foreign students and academic learning ability should be concerned. 5. The authorities should develop the materials and learning resources of the course.
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