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Title: 針對法國華裔兒童漢字教學課程設計
A Study of Chinese Character Instructional Design for Chinese Heritage Children of France
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Lai Janice
Keywords: 華裔兒童
Chinese Heritage Children
Chinese Characters Course
Instuctional Design
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 近年來,在法國不斷掀起「漢語熱」的風潮,學習漢語的對象不再只是法國人而已,甚至也引起了很多法國華裔兒童的學習興趣。然而因華裔兒童文化背景以及成長環境的不同,導致學習者對於學習漢字寸步難行且漢字教材開發不足等種種問題,引發了學者們對於漢字課程的關注,遂著手進行漢字教學的相關研究。 本文的研究目的,在於透過不同的漢字教學概念和經驗,在針對法國華裔兒童在漢字課程中,讓兒童自然接觸漢字,並鼓勵兒童使用漢語、培養興趣及建立成就感,為未來學習漢字打下良好的基礎。因為海外華裔兒童應需有與以往的漢字教學模式不盡相同的特殊教學原則,因此為了更有效的推動海外華裔兒童的漢字教學,需對上述的特殊教學原則,給予更多的重視和精神。 本研究主要是針對華裔兒童進行漢字課程之研究及設計,在研究的過程中,首先需蒐集相關理論並進行研讀及判斷;其次選出二所法國週末中文學校以進行調查與分析,藉此了解法國小學目前的漢字教學情形;接著,筆者分析現有的漢字教材,以確認教材可否達到所預期之學習效益;此外,為了解師生對漢字課程的需求,筆者分別對十二位漢語老師及二十五位法國華裔學生進行師生需求分析;最後綜合研究過程中的各項需求及分析結果,設計出專屬法國華裔兒童之漢字課程。 根據研究成果指出,老師認為「筆順」是教導華裔兒童漢字中最困難的部分,其中在筆順方面寫錯或興趣不大的人佔多數。而大部分的低年級學生則認為學習漢字的難處在於「筆畫」及「部件」,因此,本研究試圖融入筆順、筆畫、部首及部件等多種漢字教學法進行教學設計,望藉此引發華裔兒童對漢字書寫的興趣,進而領會漢字,並培養對於學習漢字所產生之濃厚興趣。
In recent years, the Chinese learning craze has been on the rise in France. This fascinating language attracts not only French learners, but also a large number of children with Chinese backgrounds. As a result of cultural diversity and a lack of resources, the difficulties these learners encounter has caught the attention of the academies and thereupon various studies have been carried out. The objectives of this research is to build upon different concepts of Chinese character teaching and teaching experience to create a method that allows Chinese heritage children to begin to understand Chinese characters in a natural way, and lay a strong foundation for learning Chinese characters more easily as they continue their studies. Additionally, encouraging them to study Chinese, and foster their interest to attain the desired results is another main objective. As overseas Chinese learners, Chinese is considered a foreign language for these students, and they do not necessarily follow the traditional learning path. To better arouse the learners’ interest, this study/research aims to integrate our findings into a new learning system to stimulate their interest in writing and develop an in-depth understanding. During the research process, we have taken some steps as shown below. We first gathered relevant information regarding Chinese learning, then we studied and analyzed the findings; lastly, we approached two Chinese language schools to better understand the Chinese learning process of kids in French elementary schools. Furthermore, we analyzed the Chinese learning materials currently available on the French market to confirm if they are good enough for learners. The last step was to interview twelve teachers and twenty-five students regarding their thoughts on the language. The final outline integrated all of the aforementioned analyses. To summarize, teachers pointed out that most foreign learners find stroke order hardest to learn. Many of them could not follow the correct order, and find it uninteresting, while some younger learners felt strokes and radicals are already hard for them. Therefore, we have included in our course outline several chapters concerning stroke, stroke orders, radicals, etc. Hopefully once they have acquired the rules and understand their importance, they will have assuaged their difficulties and regained their interest.
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