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Title: 針對印尼語背景學習者基礎(A2)口語教材編寫研究
Designing a Beginning-Level (A2) Oral Instruction Textbook for Indonesian Learners
Authors: 葉德明
Keywords: 印尼語背景學習者
Indonesian students
teaching language textbooks
teaching oral Chinese
Mandarin courses Elementary textbooks
teaching materials
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究的研究對象是國立華僑實驗高級中學的印尼籍學生,研究的內容主要是針對初級印尼籍學生編寫的口語教材。現今市面上的華語教材層出不窮,學習者應該如何選擇符合他們需求的教材?印尼文版初級華語教材的編寫準則與內容何在? 印尼語背景學習者有什麼樣的特性,因此什麼樣的教材符合這類學習者的需求?初級印尼語背景學習者需要什麼樣的教學設計和教學技巧,並且能提升初級口語溝通能力。 依據以上的研究問題,筆者的研究範圍分為三個方面:(1)符合印尼語背景的教材編寫原則(principle);(2)印尼語背景學習者的特性(learner);(3)符合初級印尼語背景學習者的教學設計(syllabus)和教學技巧(Technique)。 筆者使用的研究方法有文獻回顧、教材分析、訪談並且針對學習者進行需求分析。筆者將設計教材的原則歸類為4大原則:交際性、趣味性、任務導向還有主體性原則。另外理想的教材需要搭配教學法、教學設計和適合學習者的教學技巧,本研究的口語教材搭配:聽說教學法、溝通式教學法、任務型教學法、教學設計的理念是以學生為中心(student centered classroom)為基礎。最後脫離傳統的語言教學,筆者也將語言教學技巧歸納成四個環節:語言操練、分組、完成任務、分享。
The object of this study is National Overseas Chinese Experimental Senior High School. The purpose of this study is to prepare teaching materials for Indonesian students to hone their speaking skills. Selecting from Chinese learning materials available in today's market, how do learners choose the ones that meet their needs? What are the primary criteria for the content and preparation of Indonesian versions of Chinese textbooks? What characteristics do Indonesian students have and what kinds of teaching materials best suit them? What kind of instructional design and teaching techniques should be used when teaching beginning-level Indonesian students to enhance their spoken Chinese? Based on the aforementioned research questions, this research will focus on three aspects: 1) Textbook principles that comply with the background of Indonesian students: 2) Indonesian students' learning characteristics: 3) Syllabus and techniques that comply with beginning-level Indonesia students. For the needs analysis, this research reviewed literature, analyzed textbooks, and conducted interviews. I classified the designed teaching materials into four major principles: Communication, level of attraction, task-orientation, and major principles. In addition, ideal teaching materials need to accommodate to teaching methods, instructional design theories, and students' learning techniques. With the intention of steering away from traditional teaching methods, this research adopted the following approaches: Audiolingual Approach, Communicative Approach, Task-Based Instruction, and Student-Centered Approach. In addition, this research also classified teaching techniques into four groups: language drills, group work, task completion, and sharing of ideas.
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