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Title: 針對以義大利文為母語者之導遊華語教材編寫-以景點介紹為例
The designing of a Chinese language textbook for Italian tourist guides
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin Shichang
Giancarlo Zecchino
Keywords: 特殊目的教學
Chinese for Special Purposes
Teaching Material Design
Tourist Chinese
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 由於中國經濟的崛起與發展,愈來愈多中國觀光客到世界各地旅遊,而其中義大利尤其是中國人經常造訪的熱門國家。具有悠久文化歷史的藝術古城、綻放現代時尚光芒的精品購物天堂、蘊含古典優雅的潮流建築以及聞名遐邇的傳統美食,都是義大利讓觀光客喜愛的特色。 本研究的主題是「針對以義大利文為母語者之導遊華語教材編寫-以經點介紹為例」,研究的對象是中高級的義大利大學生,研究目的是找出導遊華語的教材編寫原則。筆者之所以決定針對義大利學生進行該研究,是因為目前在義大利有導遊華語課程的需求,而且義大利這個國家的主要經濟來源就是觀光業。 導遊華語歸類於特殊目的華語教學或專業漢語或專用漢語的範疇,因此本文將要出何為Chinese for Specific Purposes (CSP)以及CSP的課程設計原則和對象跟一般的華語課程又有哪些差別。既然本論文的目的是找出導遊華語的教材編寫原則,所以本文分析專用漢語教材和高級華語教材該有的特色。除此之外,本研究還描述導遊員要完成的實際任務以及運用的導覽方法和策略,該注意哪些跨文化交際規約。 透過義大利華語老師與義大利籍導遊的訪問,本文描述義大利華語教育的實際現況以及在當地從事導遊行業的人所面對的障礙及要完成的任務。本文也介紹與分析與導遊、旅遊、專業華語相關的若干教材,為的是熟悉專業華語教材該有的特色。台灣領隊的訪問證實義大利人與華人的文化差異,表示常常出現的一些文化衝突與誤會,向導遊華語教材設計者提出優良的建議。 最後本研究顯示針對義大利學生的導遊華語教材編寫原則與單元範例,說明導遊教材的體例、詞彙挑選、課文編寫、練習編寫、課堂上活動、語法與文化注釋等該複合哪些設計原則。
Following the disruptive appearance and developments in the Chinese economy, an increasing number of Chinese tourists is going abroad for travelling, and Italy is just one of those countries on which the selection of Chinese tourists falls more frequently. The ancient cities full of art, the major fashion brands that make it a shopping paradise, the elegant classical-style buildings and the famous gastronomy, make Italy a country of strong attraction for Chinese tourists. This thesis is titled "The designing of a Chinese language textbook for Italian tourist guides". The research is addressed to university Italian students with an upper-intermediate level of Chinese. The aim of this study is to determine the design principles of a manual for the Chinese-speaking tourist guides. Italian students have been identified as recipients of this research, because at the moment in Italy there is a strong demand for Chinese language courses for tourist guides, and because in more general terms, the tourism industry is one of the main sources for the Italian economy. “Chinese for tourist guides” belongs to the category of "Chinese for Specific Purposes" or “CSP”, also called "Professional Chinese". Therefore, the present thesis aims to define what is meant by "Chinese for Specific Purposes", identify the design principles of a professional Chinese course, and specify the differences between a CSP course and a generalist course. Since the purpose of this research is to compile a list of principles for tour guides and provide them with helpful teaching material, this paper will analyze the necessary elements of both specialized and advanced Chinese teaching material. Finally, it describes practical tasks which plays a tour guide, the techniques used to entertain tourists, and intercultural communication strategies to be implemented to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings. This thesis is a qualitative research which through interviews to Italian teachers of Chinese and Italian tourist guides aims to understand the current situation of the teaching of the Chinese language in Italy, and the real difficulties and specific situations that the guides who accompany tourists Chinese have to cope with. The research proceeds with the analysis of CSP textbooks, such as Travel Chinese, Business Chinese and the like, to identify the fundamental features of these textbooks. Through interviews to Taiwanese tourist guides was also possible to identify the cultural differences between Italian and Chinese people, highlight some cultural misunderstandings and propose some practical advice for tourist guides who work with Chinese tourists. The thesis concludes by ordering and describing the principles of designing a manual of Chinese language for Italian tourist guides, and proposing a sample to serve as a reference for writing a whole textbook. Through the sample is possible to understand what should be the layout of the manual, how to select and display the vocabulary, how to design dialogues, exercises, classroom activities, and grammatical and cultural notes.
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