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Title: 學位預備華語聽力教材編寫研究
The Study of Chinese Listening Teaching Material for Academic Purposes
Authors: 信世昌博士
Keywords: 學位預備
academic purposes
listening skills training
teaching material compilation
academic lecture
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 隨著全球學習華語人口的激增,前來華語地區留學的人數也緊追到英語系國家留學的學生。這些留學生在學習上首先面臨的困難就是要透過華語學習各種專業知識,而目前台灣華語中心的課程並無這種以學位為目的的聽力課程,相關教材也付之闕如。因此本文旨在針對在台留學生對於華語講座聽力技能訓練的學習需求,發展出一套理想的教材編寫模式。 為達目標,本研究從兩大方向尋求教材發展基礎:一方面回顧學位目的之英語教學專業理論、學位預備聽力教學、學術講座的內涵和語言特色,以及學位目的語言教材編寫等文獻;另一方面站在前述理論的基礎上分析19本現行聽力教材,並對34名台灣和中國大陸的學習者進行問卷調查和訪談的需求分析。調查發現,一部理想的學位預備聽力教材在取材上應廣泛靈活,破除學科限制並適當採用真實材料;在設計上應注重多元學習情景、融合不同聽力和筆記技能,以及綜合語言技能的訓練。 本研究接著根據上述之研究結果,結合真實性、實用性、針對性、科學性等四大原則編寫教材大綱及單課範例。教材大綱乃針對學術講座的聆聽訓練進行設計,共計十課,分屬「了解講座」、「聆聽及記錄重點」及「聆聽細節」等三個單元。最後邀請學習者與現任華語教師對此教材提出評估意見和修正方向。此教材雖仍待後續研究與改進,但整體而言,學習者與華語教師對其表示肯定,認為整體編排符合教學目標與學習需求;聽力材料豐富多元且貼近真實場景;語言點和練習實用且有效。
As the number of Chinese language learners continues to rapidly increase, the number of students studying abroad to Mandarin speaking continues to soar as well. The first challenge that these students encounter is learning by listening to lectures delivered in Chinese. Given the lack of listening skills training materials for Chinese for Academic Purposes, this thesis focuses on developing an ideal pattern for compiling listening skills training materials that meet the specific needs of foreign students studying for academic purposes in Taiwan. This study reviewed the literature on English for Academic Purposes, theories of second-language listening skills training for academic purposes, the structure and the linguistic features of academic lectures, and the method of compiling second-language teaching materials for academic purposes. Needs analysis was also conducted by analyzing 19 relevant listening skills training materials and by surveying 34 students in Taiwan or China. This study discovered that ideal listening skills training materials should obtain authentic and extensive materials that are applicable across academic subjects. Additionally, ideal training materials should introduce different types of lectures on a variety of topics and integrate different listening skills, note-taking skills, and other communicative skills. This study provides a course outline as well as a sample lesson. The outline includes 10 lessons divided into the following 3 units: “Gaining A Sense of the Lecture”, “Listening for and Recording the Key Points” and “Listening for the Details”. The author also invited relevant students and teachers to evaluate and comment on the sample material. Generally they approved of the sample material in that it meets both teaching goals and learning needs, while providing abundant and authentic listening materials, as well as practical and effective linguistic formats and exercises.
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